April 3, 2010

Resurrection Cookies

Years ago I printed off the directions for Resurrection Cookies from Annie's Page

 Enjoying cooking as much as I do, and enjoying having the kids in the kitchen with me, and food and cooking being such an important part of holiday celebrations in our family, I was thrilled with this idea. 

It has been a regular part of our resurrection remembrance ever since.  We typically make them after dinner the Saturday before Easter Sunday.  This year we are doing things a little different, though.  So we made them Thursday evening. 

Actually, my plan was to make them on Wednesday evening, as that was the time, I believe, that Jesus was laid in the tomb.  I thought it would give the children a better idea of how hard it was for Jesus friends to leave him behind after he was taken from the cross. 

It worked, too.  Samuel was heartbroken to leave his cookies in the oven.  Many times a day he asks me when we will be able to look in the oven.  In the meantime our sentry is keeping watch over the "tomb."
Wishing you all a happy Resurrection celebration building memories and traditions as you teach your little ones the love of our Saviour and His power to overcome the grave to give us forgiveness and eternal life in His presence.





  1. I love that idea!!!! What a great Easter tradition to do with the family! Hope y'all have a beautiful Easter!

  2. Sammy was our only one to get upset about it, wasn't he. That penguin, I tell ya. He's some faithful guard.

    Love ya, Mom!

  3. Happy Easter to you as well....

  4. I too have done the cookies with my children...this year I found out about the Resurrection Rolls...they are AWESOME! You might give it a try...I used "Biscuits" instead of the cresent rolls and they make a delicious treat!!!!
    God bless!!!

    Here's a new twist on the Resurrection Cookie idea for Easter, both are recipes you can do with your kids/grand kids in order for them to understand the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This fun recipe uses Crescent rolls and a disappearing marshmallow!

    Preheat Oven to 350 degrees

    Melted butter
    Large marshmallows

    Give each child a "Biscuit" which represents the tomb. Take a marshmallow which represents Jesus...dip in butter and a mixture of cinnamon and sugar which represents the oils and spices his body was annointed in. Then put them in the oven for 12minutes. (let someone gaurd the tomb) Then cut the biscuits open to find that Jesus has risen!!! (The marshmallow has disappeared!)

  5. Hi, Cherie Hill.

    We actually do resurrection rolls, also. They are delicious and fun to make. Mine always explode, though, so I might give the biscuits a whirl next time instead of the crescent rolls.

    Thanks for stopping by!