April 2, 2010


Today was beautiful!  Eighty degrees.  No humidity.  Very untypical weather for Easter weekend.  Usually, it is rainy and cold.  The Lord has truly blessed us today.

And what were we to do with such a blessing?  We headed outside to enjoy some great outdoor activities.

Some work like cleaning up the wood pile...

Mowing the lawn...

And some fun...
 That's right!  The hammock is back up in the secret garden.

Everything was going along just fine until I opened my big mouth and offered to help Allen fell some trees.  And that is how I ended up like this...
 And won't that look beautiful on Sunday...

In my new purple dress?



  1. Dear Mama, I think a little makeup will help that! It did frighten me a little at first...!
    You can't help but look beautiful so on Sunday you'll look great!
    Love Ya,

  2. Oh my! What happened exactly?

  3. Oh you poor thing.. hope you heal quickly..

    Have a beautiful Resurrection Day!

  4. Dear Kat,
    I am sure sure will be beautiful too.
    Filled with the love of the Lord celebrating his Resurrection, How could you be anything else?
    Have a Blessed day tomorrow (our time)
    God Bless ♥

  5. Ouch!! I think a little concealer might remedy that appearance-wise, but I hope that this was definitely just a flesh wound!

  6. Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to leave you hanging. I just didn't think anyone would be particularly interested in all the details... and I was overseeing dinner preparations and baths and sewing while I was writing so I didn't exactly have time to write them, either. ☺

    It went like this. There was a dead tree in Emma's secret garden. It was tall but narrow. Maybe 5 inches, if that. It was leaning toward the garden so I told Allen that I would lean it the other direction.

    Keep in mind we have fallen many much larger trees, enormous indeed, and never had a mishap.

    So here I was leaning on the tree when something hit me. Only I never knew what it was because aside from the impact and the shooting pain, all I could focus on was the fact that everything started spinning and went black briefly.

    Allen explained that the tree was so dead that the jarring from the chainsaw was enough to loosen a good size limb from the top which is what walloped me in the head. After the initial pain and then the trauma of looking at myself in the mirror and cleaning up the blood and such... the laugh at the circle shape from the end of the limb emblazoned on my forehead and all that... it actually didn't hurt too bad until tonight when I have quite a headache!

    I am certain it will feel much better tomorrow and I can be quite handy with the makeup so aside from avoiding the family photo I was hoping to do Sunday, all is well that ends well.

    Allen even let me help him take down the other trees!



  7. Wow. Maybe you could do a distance shot; just avoid close-ups. :)

  8. Oh, no!! You poor thing! I hope you heal soon! Have a happy Easter anyway, ok?

  9. Ouch!!!

    Beautiful pictures.

    I'm glad I found your blog. I'll be following...and I'm looking forward to reading more about your beautiful family.


  10. wow...nice weather out there but here is wet.i hope tomorrow will be dry.

  11. Poor Mom. Haha! I didn't even need to see you to say that!

    Love ya!