May 24, 2010

Are You Sure???

A few months ago, I was sitting in the parking lot at Starbucks when I saw this sign in an establishment across the highway.  I am guessing they must have even more than us???


  1. tooooo cute!!


    PS: I have an urgent prayer request at arise 2 write.

  2. Kat,

    This really is too funny. I am wondering if that was a Denney's? The font and sign type look similar to ours. It does catch your eye right?!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Im sure there are days you want that sign for your house, eh?! ;)
    Hope all is going well!!

  4. Hi, Kat.

    Actually… I had to check tonight to see what building that was on… it was gnawing at me after I read your comment. I knew it wasn’t Denny’s because Denny’s is a few stop lights down the road but I couldn’t remember what was there. So, tonight when we went to Starbucks before our exam I made a point of noticing. The building it was on the front of houses two businesses, one which is closed. Are you ready for this??? The video store is shut down and the other business is Mattress Discounters. How funny is THAT???

    Thanks for the laugh,


  5. oh.. that is just too funny!!!