May 20, 2010

Family Outing

Forever In Blue Jeans

I am joining Carin at Forever in Blue Jeans for her weekly challenge to get mom in the picture.  If you've not been in the picture this week, it's not too late!  Here's my four step plan to recovery.  1-Grab the camera 2- grab a kid 3- take a shot 4-post it!  You can't ask for easier than that.  I can't wait to see you in the picture.

This Thursday I have a couple of shots Brianna took while we were in New Market, VA for our blog friend meeting and Civil War Reenactment.  We must have been really busy or very boring this week because those are the only photos I could find.  Enjoy! 



  1. Pepper, I Love the photos :)

  2. Oh looks like you had great weather n a good time.

  3. I love that first shot...

    (your shirt is adorable)

  4. They're great pictures!
    I like your shirt.

  5. I love the first shot and I love how the kids are matching in the second shot, great pictures. I bet it was a fun time.

  6. I bet that was a fun family outing. Great pictures. I like the first one the best!

  7. Very nice pictures...always enjoy them. Blessings to you! ~Amy

  8. I love all your boys matching shorts! We are finally enjoying some nice weather. We went to the park today. It is amazing how special a bug juice, fruit snacks and playing at the park can be. :)

  9. adorable outfits on the everyone! Looks like a great time. family, meeting friends and squeezing in a history lesson :)

  10. Kat,

    I just love the picture of you all especially the one with the boys and the one holding his ears. You can just tell what is going on in the picture by those subtle clues.

    Hope things are going well for you. I have missed hearing from you!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. YOu look fresher in orange as well as your hubby! ^^,

    Thanks for sharing!

    Here's my Thursday Shoot. \(^^)/

  12. great photos Kat! and i love how those little boys wear the same outfit. My mom used to do that to me and my sis :)

    sorry for the late visit!
    u may view mine too here