May 3, 2010

Flip Flops

We don't wear shoes in the house so there is usually a pile of footwear by all the doors.  Near the front door you will find what we call good shoes.  Those are the shoes that are meant for wearing in public that are NOT to be worn in the sandbox, mud or woods. 

Living in the country requires lots of different types of shoes, too.  There are boots for snowy days, galoshes for trips to the wood pile or splashing through puddles in the rainy spring.  Flip flops for running back and forth to the pool or playing in the sand box.  Crocs for dirty play in cooler weather.  Tennis shoes for romping through the woods.  Skates... well, for skating.  You get the idea.  I tidy up the front door area and the deck door area once or twice a day and have all the kids put their shoes away.  But the back door is a different story. 

As much as I would like to say that my kids are the most orderly kids in the world and would never just toss their things any old place, that is sadly not the truth.  When I can't stand the mess any longer, about once a week, I call on Samuel to put it in order.  He takes his job very seriously and usually vacuums the area up nicely at the same time. 

The other day I had to crack up when he called me to inspect his work.  I discovered he had found a new use for the planter box Nathaniel just finished building me.  At the rate we go through them, maybe growing flip flops would be a better use for this box? 
And yes, they are all ours.



  1. wow that is a lot of shoes! We usually kick ours off as soon as we come in under our sofa table! And I am all about flip flops!! Great way to reinvent the planter box!

  2. Love the planter idea. :)

  3. To funny...looks a little like the scene around our back door, minus the planter box. Novel idea.

  4. Maybe you shouldn't plant those flip flops - you might end up with more!

    My children rarely wear shoes at all, but when they do, those shoes do tend to 'gather' near the front door.

  5. I think Samuel must have the mind of an engineer. ☺


  6. How fun!
    Looks like our house.. here in FL flip flops are a must!!

  7. great idea.. our family of 6 can create quite a shoe chaos! :)