May 2, 2010

I'm Putting My Foot Down and That's Final!

Ever since temperatures hit 96 in March, the kids have been begging Allen to set the pool up.  He was adamant that we would not set the pool up until May and that even if we did NO ONE WAS GOING TO SWIM UNTIL MEMORIAL DAY.  I am so happy that my husband is a strong disciplinarian and means what he says.

This whole past week the kids kept reminding us that May would be here in no time.  But with the temperature plunging to 32 on Wednesday morning, it wasn't looking so good for the pool.

With Allen leaving town for a week we were trying to get some extra special family time in this weekend.  We did some yard work together, cooked on the grill and had a picnic.

Saturday afternoon when the temperature hit 95 there was no putting the children off on the the pool.  We agreed to set it up and start filling it, after all it is May 1st and we gave our word.  But we are still not going to get in!

Yeah, right.  There wasn't an inch of water before the entire family was in there trying to cool off.  Of course we had to light the grill and cook up some lunch.  Before we knew it, there was a regular party going on and it felt like the middle of July.  With a bit less water, of course. 


  1. How fun! My boys tried to swim today too...still a bit cold here as well! But it will be warm in no time!

  2. LOL Chili, the wind was so high lol it took jacobs pool that yalls, and flew it in a tree lol.
    I said ok it happed last year & again this year lol no this summer we wont have a pool lol

  3. What a fun picture. You guys are keepers of your word and that's what's important. It looks like you had a blast!

    Have a blessed Sunday.

  4. Looks like so much fun at your house now your pool is open. We don't really get the weather for pools over here :C

  5. looks like fun! It's always exciting 'setting' up for summer isn't?! :) we wanted to get a pool like that, but figured it would be better to wait until the kids got alittle older!

  6. That´s the way to start off May! We felt like that yesterday, visiting the beaches in our area. too early to swim but boy was it tempting. we threw off the socks and shoes, rolled up the pants and went wading as far as we could.

    I remember those days. I grew up with a pool too. It´s the best! So glad you had such a lovely day!

    Dani Joy

  7. Hi, Kat~

    I love your pic! We have a pool but I'm not sure it's getting opened this year. With all the snow and ice we had, it pulled the liner inside the pool on one side. And we just replaced that liner last year! :> (

    ENJOY your pool, sweet friend!