May 12, 2010

Mother's Day and Other Random Shots

Forever In Blue Jeans

Sunday, in honour of Mother's Day, our Pastor had moms pose for pictures with their children to be made into key rings. 

I was blessed to have my folks join us for the occasion.  
Brianna snapped this one while we were heading to the car.  Can you tell the wind was blowing  right into our faces?  Look at my handsome little escorts!

Actually, here's a little odd rambling... it was so windy this weekend that we opted to stay indoors even though it was sunny and warm.  According to the weatherman winds were 35-40 miles an hour.  In with it came some cold weather on Sunday night.  The temperature plunged between 34 and 37 in our area which is well below the normal night time average of 54.  I bet you all wanted to know that!

Do you remember that we were in the pool and turned the air conditioning on last Sunday because temperatures were in the high 90's? 
If you aren't asleep after all that wonderful chit chat, you can check out this picture Brianna took.  She was playing with close up settings while I was reading with Elisabeth.  That's her little pink bow sticking up in the back there.  I like the effect she got with the blur in the background.
This one Allen took.  He pinned me.  Can you see it?  That little bit of bling on my shoulder?
There.  Now you can see it, can't you?  

We have this little thing we do with the kids.  A few years ago my mom picked up a package of awards on clearance some where.  I keep them in an envelope on the bulletin board in the kitchen where we post school info, drawings and such.

When someone accomplishes something noteworthy or another family member recognizes good character in someone else.  Or when someone receives an extra blessing from someone, they can fill in an award for that person.  For example:  Nathaniel might notice Samuel going out of his way to help Elisabeth wash her hands.  That is a great effort for those two little ones.  So Nathaniel fills in the award with the date and Sam's name and the reason he is awarding it.  He signs his name on the bottom and puts the award on Pa's chair at the dinner table.  Then, at mealtime, Allen makes a big fuss about giving out the award.

One day, this past fall, I was cleaning out the school room closet, when I came across a bank envelope filled with a bunch of little pins.  Maybe you have seen something like them?  Grocery store workers or Walmart employees sometimes have them on their smocks?  One says, "100%" and another, "A+"  You get the idea, anyway.  It just so happened, that particular day I was very busy and the boys were being extremely helpful.  When I tucked them in for their rest at nap time, I praised them and thanked them for their hard work.  As I walked away, I heard one of then whispering to the other, "Maybe we'll get an award!"

Which was a great idea.  I remembered the pins and thought I would shake things up a bit.  At dinner the boys were awarded with pins to mark their efforts.  Oh, how tickled they were.  They got to wear them until bed time when they placed them back in the envelope and tacked them on the board until someone else earned the privilege to wear the pin.

To make a long story, yet longer. Last week, when Allen was at a conference, the attendees all received these pins.  Which, really, one might wonder what they were expected to do with them????  Just the same, Allen, being quick on his feet, used the opportunity to award me. 

How cute is he???



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  2. Man my spelling rofl
    Hey Pepper, Love the photos, and the key change idea is GREAT :)

  3. You are such a beauty. I love how you were all coordinated for Easter Sunday. You all look great in your family photo. And I love the award pins you give out for commendable and helpful behavior.

  4. Love the pictures! You have a beautiful family. I, too, really like the effect that the picture with the Dr. Seuss book has. Super cool!

    I love the ideas of the pins. I might have to expand on that a bit. You've inspired me!


  5. You have a beautiful family. The key chain idea is great.

  6. Oh wow, how sweet of Allen in giving you that award. Great shots!

    Shoot Me

  7. What a nice idea of giving incentives!
    The photos are great too!
    the keys and pins are all awesome!

    Here's my Thursday Shoot. \(^^)/

  8. Great pics!
    And that was sweet of Allen.

  9. What a beautiful way to bless, encourage, and teach one another about GODS love....I love your award system.
    Your Mothers Day pictures are AWESOME...beautiful family.

    PS: Sitka has an award for you at All Gods creatures....and you truly deserve it, b/c you always bring sunshine into each of our lives.

  10. What a great idea! Also I love your Mother's Day Picture. Sometimes actually getting every child in the picture is a chore. :)

  11. What a great idea! Also I love your Mother's Day Picture. Sometimes actually getting every child in the picture is a chore. :)

  12. What beautiful pictures, Kat! I too, love the award system.

    I hope you are having a WONDERFUL week!


  13. the key chain is a great idea! How neat your folks could be there. gma, mom and kids!

  14. You seriously have the most beautiful family. The girls look wonderful in those hats. Love your idea of the pins and getting the awards. My middle son might like that, he struggles daily and I think the postive reinforcement would go well with him.

  15. Kat,

    I love that you find creative ways to show your kids how wonderful it is when they do those things we, as moms, all hope they will like doing things for others just because. I love the pin touch and how it gets awarded to new recipients each day. The best part is Allen got you! Priceless! You both are modeling the behaviors you are expecting from your kids.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  16. Oh, I love the pins and awards!! Great idea!

    Super sweet that he gave one to you.

  17. Love you pictures... everyone looks so beautiful.
    I also love your ideas for rewarding the good behaviour... great idea with the pins. Thanks for sharing.

  18. great photos Kat :) looks like a fun celebration. That TI reminds me of my calculator. I want to work with that company before :)

    sorry for the late visit!

    u may view mine here

  19. You got pinned! How cool is that?