May 19, 2010

New Market Reenactment

Last week in old Wachter ville was a bit like the week leading up to Christmas. Some time ago, Brianna met Jo March and her family through blog world.  They have corresponded and swapped stories of large family life and home schooling through their personal blogs.  We were surprised when I received and email from Jo's mother inviting us to arrange a meeting of our two families.

When the reenactment of the battle in New Market, Virginia came up it was decided that it would be an excellent field trip and the perfect opportunity for our rendezvous.  The rest of us, who don't read Jo's blog everyday, began studying pictures and names to get to know the family better.  I wasn't sure anyone would be able to sleep Friday night while looking forward to their trip Saturday morning.

After much bad weather, the day dawned beautiful and the sunny eighty degree day promised by the weather man became a wonderful backdrop for our drive and a day outdoors.

When we arrived at the battle field and got our hellos, picnic area chosen and a plan of action out of the way, the next order of business was a group photo of the 15 children together.   

Funny enough, later in the day while I was helping Aedan make a purchase from one of the vendors, a saleslady asked me if he was one of the fifteen kids?  Apparently, a group our size can not go very far without notice. 

All the kids partnered up with others their age.  Conveniently enough, Jo's family had all girls at the top end and all boys at the bottom end.  Their latest being a baby girl also.

The popular decision was to begin with a tour of the museum.  Samuel was particularly interested in the cannon model and the maps that showed the progress of the war.
While heading to the artillery demonstration, the boys practiced their marching with Pa.
And waiting for the demonstration to start...

The artillery demonstration...

Samuel and little "Ingio" quickly became the best of buddies.

A little rest for all involved and a delicious picnic.  Emma fixed us fried chicken, cole slaw, rolls, raw veggies, grapes, lemonade and pastries for dessert.

Fully refreshed and rested, we headed off to visit the sutler's tents while we waited for the reenactment to begin.  The girls were engrossed in the beautiful gowns and dresses while the boys were particularly interested in the weaponry and civil war era toys. 

The reenactment itself proved both educational and entertaining.  The babies mostly played on the blankets while the youngest boys wrestled a bit.  The older children earned home school history credits.  Us grown ups alternated between getting to know each other and watching bits of the battle.

And then it was time to say goodbye to our new friends.  The buggy was difficult to push through the tall grass, so Brianna and Kaitlin decided to give the Princess a ride fit for royalty and carried her buggy to the car. 
Once again, the babies were sound asleep before we got fifteen minutes from the park.  Are you starting to see a pattern in the way these field trips end for Samuel and Ellie?

All in all, a profitable and joyous day for all.  We feel blessed to have made new friends and look forward to our next meeting.  Thanks for a great idea, March family!



  1. We had so much fun as well! Definitely worth the drive. :) I can't wait until our next meet-up with y'all!


  2. Sounds like you all had a great time with your new friends. I loved seeing all the pictures especially the group picture of all the kids together. The re-enactment looks so interesting. My husband would particularly find that interesting. He loves US history.

  3. Looks like a wonderful time!

  4. Kat,

    What a way to combine learning more about History with hands on activities but meeting another homeschool and blogging family as well.

    It certainly looks like you all had a most wonderful time.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat