May 4, 2010

Recycle, Renew, Reuse?

For months, every night Samuel has asked if he could sleep in the "boys' " room.  He would skip down the hall with his pillow and blanket and flop on the floor for the night.  After a few months of that, I dragged an old crib mattress out for him to flop on the floor.  Finally, last month, when it became clear he had no desire to return to his old room, we went up into the attic and pulled Emma's old toddler bed down.   He was delighted to officially be part of the boys' room.  

I went online to try to find linens to match Nathaniel and Aedan's but struck out.  That's when I remembered the crib bumper.  When Nathaniel moved to his toddler bed I couldn't find a comforter to fit so I ended up buying a crib quilt.  The only way to get the quilt I wanted was to buy an entire set which included diaper stacker, bumper pad and dust ruffle.  All of which we had no use for.  

At the time, I used the diaper stacker and dust ruffle to make curtains but I had no use for the bumper pad so I stuck it in the attic thinking perhaps one day someone else might have use for it.  Well, I started picking it apart and piecing it into a quilt.  I wasn't happy with it so I picked it apart again.

Then a few days KK and I put our heads together.  She really likes to get into her work, you see.  
We came up with something we were both happy with.  Samuel liked it, too! 
Here is what Nathaniel and Aedan's look like.
 And here is Sam's finished quilt.  I did the piecing and Kaitlin quilted around all the vehicles for me.   It doesn't show up very well in the pictures but she also quilted clouds and birds in the sky.  Isn't she clever? 
♫ ♪ "Recycle, reuse, renew... that's what we like to do!" ♪ ♫


  1. Kat, the quilt that you and KK made is BEAUTIFUL! Such talented ladies you are!


  2. What a cute quilt! I bet he loves matching his brothers.

  3. Kudos to you for remembering that you had it and then for making anawesome quilt to compliment what was already there! Love it! Great job! (and the quilt is very cute!)

  4. your (and your daughter's)creativity amazes me!