May 11, 2010

Socialize the Dog

Meet Bertram.  

This is our friends' new puppy.  (Her name has been changed to protect her privacy.)  Isn't she adorable?  They adopted her a few weeks ago.  Do you know how hard it is to adopt a puppy now?  You must sign papers agreeing to keep your dog in the house with you, show proof of home ownership and have an in home inspection, among other things, to even be considered for adoption.  The rules vary from state to state, but it is really quite scary the level that a dog has been lifted to.  Not so long ago, less was required to adopt a child in this country!

Not that I have anything against dogs.  In fact, we just might have one of our own someday.  Nor do I think there is anything wrong with adopting dogs and making sure that people aren't abusing them or taking them home for inhumane purposes.  It's just that I don't understand the current shift in thinking.

When I was a girl, if you decided you wanted a pet, there weren't pet stores.  You heard that someone's something had babies and you went and picked one out.  It didn't cost an arm and a leg.  This little friend cost more than my first car!  You didn't fill out applications.  You didn't need to have your house inspected.

It has taken our friends over a year to have Bertram become part of their family.  Over a year!  Why is that?  They couldn't afford to pay a thousand dollars for a dog which ruled out the common routes of adopting a pet, such as pet stores and breeders.  Their next step was to do what seemed like a humane thing and visit the local shelters to adopt a homeless dog.

They were turned away!  On their application they noted that their pet would primarily be an outdoor pet.  In a shelter where animals are euthanized after a number of days, yes they were turned away.  This family!  Who would love and pamper any animal as if it were their baby.  Where he would have two acres of field to run and play and hunt and do whatever it is dogs do or don't do all day long.  Never mind that he has a beautiful barn and fenced in area for safe play.  Never mind that there is a little girl who would love and play with him constantly.  The powers that be, determined that this dog would be better off dead than living in the great outdoors where God put him to begin with.

And that is unimaginable to me.  Well, after much prayer, many incidents and a heartbreak along the way, a few weeks ago God rewarded them with this sweetie.  She is simply adorable and a very friendly, playful and obedient puppy.  Who happens to be nervous riding in the car, but loves to play even with our raucous brood.

As a matter of fact, at our first meeting, we had scarcely gotten out of the car before Bertram laid down, rolled on her back and let all seven of our children pet her at once.  She played fetch with the boys and showed all her neat tricks, such as how she can sit.   

Now that she is used to her new surroundings, our friends asked us to come over so the kids could play with her.  They are using Cesar Millan's training book and Bertram needs to be socialized.

Right about now I expect that all you home school moms out there are laughing as hard as I did at that one.  With all the hype about home schoolers and all the objections usually being about their lack of and need for socialization... and with the elite status of dogs these days... who could imagine that our little old home school could qualify to socialize this well bred beauty?

So there you have it folks.  Home school children must be doing all right... they can even socialize a dog.



  1. Crazy what you have to do to adopt a dog. She is a cutie and sounds like she has a good home now.

  2. Kat,

    I didn't realize how difficult it is to get a dog any longer. I know for one, we would never purchase one from the pet stores, too expensive and you honestly never know where you are getting them, a puppy mill?

    We prefer to adopt all our pets from the shelters. It hasn't been difficult for us but all we have are 3 amazing house cats.

    I love this little one however and his adorable face would make it all worth while to have him in our mix.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Oh wow, I can't believe all you have to go through to adopt a dog. Seriously.
    Very cute puppy though. :)

  4. Wow, crazy what a person has to do to get a dog in some areas. not the case here. But boy is he just a cutie! We have a new pup too, I should look into getting a book like that, I could use a bit more help, or maybe Ceasar could just come visit. =)