May 16, 2010

Tea For Two...

... and just a few more.

Last week with Allen out of town, the weather at its best and the iris and azaleas in full bloom, it seemed like the perfect time for a garden tea. 

I invited some sweet friends.  The girls and I baked some goodies.  And tea was the order of the day. 

I ask you, what could be better on a splendid spring afternoon than a few hours to sit and chat with dear friends? 
Ever since my girls were young, it has been our habit to enjoy afternoon tea together frequently, often at the end of our school day.
What a treasure to introduce little Miss Makenna to the niceties of it all.  Ella and Elisabeth amazed us all.  Emma set their little table beneath the butterfly bush with miniature cups, tea pot and treats.  They sat for so long just sipping and enjoying each others company.  I truly could not get over how long they JUST SAT! 
When baby Lily arrived with her sweet Mama, she just joined right in, lady-like as can be in the garden. 
Eventually, the lure of the sandbox won out, and they abandoned their tea party for a beach party.

It was a lovely afternoon for me, but the loveliest of all was watching these little beauties build a friendship that I hope will last many years.


  1. What a nice tradition to pass down to the little ones. They looked so precious in all of the photos.

  2. What a sweet afternoon...tea parties are so much fun! There are days when I wish I had girls...oh and football will have to do!

  3. How sweet, Kat! Now I think I should do that with my children in the backyard by the pool. ☺


  4. That picture of Ella and Elisabeth having tea in their hats is absolutely adorable! Priceless!