May 17, 2010


For a week or two, the census bureau has been calling and leaving messages on our answering machine.  I must admit, when any government employee calls and leaves a message using the words refer to case number anything, it makes me a little nervous. 

Today, Allen finally got around to calling them back.  What do you think they wanted?  I'm going to tell you. 

There was not enough room to fill all the kids names and information in on the forms we sent in last month or the month before.  So, Allen turned the form to the back and wrote the rest of them there. 

The fellow on the other end of the line asked a series of questions for each child.  Allen dutifully said yes, no and white in answer to each.  The caller wanted to know if any were in jail or the military.  And lastly he wanted to know the origin of each.  Were they adopted or Foster children? 

He's answered the question so many times before, this good father did not even flinch when he said, "No, sir.  They are all mine."



  1. Nice post, I too love the picture:) Have a happy day!

  2. Great picture!
    I wonder why your form didn't have enough room? Ours did.
    We also got a person stopping by...she didn't know which house was which and was looking for our neighbors.

  3. Kat,

    Interesting, I never thought of what people would do that had more kids than lines on the Census form. Right now, we are dealing with all the prerecorded election phone calls that are driving us nuts.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. I love this picture...and Pa was cracking me up with his narration of the phone call:)

  5. Love the picture and his remarks!!