May 13, 2010

What Do You Get When An Engineer Marries a Blogger?

This was on Allen's Dilbert A Day calendar.  Yes, he loves Dilbert.  He's an engineer, he can't help it.  I thought this was too funny for words.  If Brianna were not asleep, I would ask her to write, "Nana" where it says, "Tina."  She is my amazing Tech-support-and-the-hopper-in-to-blog-world-in-a-pinch-for-me-girl.  It is not uncommon to hear me say, "Brianna will you upload this... or find this... or something or another... because I want to blog about it."  So Allen, my Dilbert-loving-encourages me to blog-engineer-hubby and Brianna the best tech support in the world... this one's for you.  And to Hope, my most loyal reader, because there certainly ought to be something here for you to read when you go to the trouble to stop by four times in one day! 

I am joining Kim at Homesteader's Heart for her Friday chuckles all gathered into one MkLinky.  Stopped by if you need a little lift.



  1. Lol... that is funny! I LOVE Dilbert! and, of course, I love Nana too! ;-)

  2. Oh that is HILARIOUS!!! And sadly it's probably true! LOL!

    It's good to see you.
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. That is very funny, Miss Kat! :)
    I really enjoyed this post. :)

    -Karlee Kay