May 10, 2010

What Not To Say When You Are Invited to Dinner

Who knows my feelings about eating, food, chemicals and the importance of a natural diet?  That's a rhetorical question!  Everyone knows my opinions on such things.  So you would think, after knowing me since I was SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, my sweet hubby would know what to buy when I asked if he would pick up some cheese slices on his way home.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the grocery bag and found a package of those Kraft slices.  You know what I mean, don't you?  Those pre-wrapped, chemical laden things full of dye and fat and little to no actual dairy product in them?  

I am sure you can also imagine my face when I asked why on earth he bought such a thing.  It was hysterical to see his face when he innocently said, "You said cheese slices."  All the kids were standing around and jumped in to clarify what cheese slices meant.

For the next few weeks, each time we ate anything with cheese, someone had to make a crack to Allen about what defined cheese in our house.  No one would eat what they deemed, "Chemical Cheese."  Except, Elisabeth, of course, who happily gobbled down the entire pound while Brianna was babysitting one night. 

Now, do you remember that dinner party we went to last weekend to celebrate our friend's birthday?  When it was time to eat, everything was laid out on the counter buffet style.  My friend, Katrina, and our hostess, was helping Samuel fix his plate.  She asked if he would like cheese on top of his hamburger.  He emphatically said, "Yes!"  Then she asked which type he would like.  He pointed to the yellow prewrapped slices and asked, "Is that the chemical cheese?"  What not to say at a dinner party!  (Fortunately, Katrina and I share views on eating and diet and nutrition so she saw this as comical and understood completely where it was coming from.) Then he proceeded to say (insert incredulous four year old voice here), "Do you know Pa bought chemical cheese once?  And Moo-Moo ate it!" 



  1. I am right with you on the NO chemicals. What a blessing he has learned to eat healthy. Out of the mouth of babes...comes the truth!

  2. Good one!
    And we can't stand that kind of cheese. Yuck! How can they really call it cheese, anyway?

  3. haha.. cute! I'm guessing it'll take Daddy a long time to live that one down! (and I'm guessing he'll NEVER buy that kind again) :)

  4. LOL! That's funny! Kids say the darnedest things.....and usually at the WRONG TIME! lol