May 22, 2010

Work Day

After enjoying a rare few weekends of fun and games, today is a work day in Wachterville.  There is much to do before the rain starts again later today.

The new dryer is installed.  
We just need to deliver the old one to its new home. 
The men folk are replacing the windows in KK and Nana's room.  Replacing the single pane windows, a number of which are cracked or broken out altogether, has been an ongoing project since we bought our house 8 years ago.  When finances allow we do another.  We have made great progress.  When this room is finished, we will have only 5 more windows to do!!!!  

After years of training, Nathaniel is becoming a real asset to Allen during home improvement projects. 
Around here, when there is work to do, no one sits.  There is a job that everyone can do.  And Samuel likes his duty of breaking up the old frame for disposal.  
The rain has been so plentiful, we've not been able to get our garden planted.  Brianna took charge of getting the beets, beans, spinach and lettuce underway.
The rest of us ladies, turn our attentions to other duties.  Cleaning out the fridge. 
Feeding the men
And sewing. 
 Yes, it is just another happy day in my little world. 



  1. Kat,

    I love a dedicated work day in the home. Does Allen do the windows himself? WOW what a guy, I'd be concerned to let Steve tackle that one. He has started to paint the siding outside our home and hope to have before and after pics up soon.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. What a productive day y'all had! We've been working too, I was outside with Dad for a while tying trellises in our garden. How many boxes do y'all have in your square foot garden?