June 30, 2010


Our family really has a good time playing games together... board games, word games, card games... whatever.

One of our favorite games was Scrabble.  For Christmas we gave Bananagrams to the girls.  We got rid of our scrabble board shortly thereafter.  This game is the same idea but everyone builds their own board so there is no long boring waiting around for everyone else to come up with a word.  Everyone plays at their own vocabulary and spelling level so even the youngest child can join in.  Furthermore, because there are no points counted even the youngest kids feel like winners.  I am sure Allen and I have enjoyed it just as much.  I was surprised that the boys play it quite proficiently, as well.  It truly is a game for the entire family.

Usually we limit our game playing to winter evenings when we are stuck indoors, but because the tiles are plastic, we've enjoyed it poolside this summer.  It is small enough to take along just about anywhere you go.

You can read more about the game and the rules at the Bananagrams website so I am not going to waste time telling you all about it.

I will tell you this.  We ended up buying a second set because there are so many of us.  I will also tell you it is available at Target and Amazon.com.  I am sure lots of other places, but that's where we have bought our sets.

I will tell you one more thing.  It is an excellent tool for home schoolers.  Our young readers have noticeably improved their spelling by playing with the tiles.  I read words aloud and they spell them out with their tiles.  Of course, they can do this on any old paper but it is a lot more fun this way.


  1. My son loves bananagrams, too.

  2. Dear Chili~Banana,
    We love this game too! I first saw it on the Pioneer Woman website. Of course it was on her homeschooling page. You have showcased it very well.

  3. Ooh - I'm glad you wrote this post. I saw this played at a friend's house one time and wondered about it. It sounds like something we need. I'll have to trade in my swagbucks for an amazon gift card and get it. :)

  4. hm...we love scrabble...so this one we will need to check out.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Blessings & Aloha!