June 27, 2010

I Really Love...

... the way my kids play.  When I was a kid we played dolls, rode bikes, kicked around the creek and played the occasional game of kickball, football, basketball or whatever sport was in season.  However, I have never had a good imagination.  Play that required such bored me to tears.  I had a friend who had little horses and always wanted to "play horses".  Only, I never got the point of pretending to act out a story with little plastic horses.  Oh, so very boring. 

Somewhere down the line, my kids managed to get some great imagination.  As their mother, sitting in on their games is like reliving my child hood all over again.  But more fun. 

Take for example this tent they built out of a discarded patio umbrella and some old sheets.  On Monday it housed the sons of Jacob as the Israelites camped in the dessert.  Tuesday it was the Creation Response Team on a new adventure to dispel evil and defend the name of Creation Science.  Friday, the Boxcar Children resided there.
Who knows maybe tomorrow a band of gypsies will make their home their or Robin Hood and his merry men.  Whatever the fun, I'm glad I'm along for the ride. 


  1. Very fun, oh the memories as a youngster :)

  2. dear back yard tent dwellers,
    This reminds me so much of my childhood, and my kids too. Esp. our older set.
    When we still lived in town years ago, our kids would load up all kinds of stuff in a wagon and head west to the park a block away. They would set up their tent/house/campsite and play for hours. They said later they did not think about it then, but they were the only ones that EVER did that kind of thing in our neighborhood.
    Being Mom to weird and wonderfully wacky kids