June 9, 2010


Here is the big news in our local paper last Friday.  It seems a mother was nursing her infant on a bench in the local shopping mall.  Another woman was nearby with her young child.  He, the little boy, spotted the nursing mother and asked his mother, "What is that lady doing?"  The woman than proceeded to security and alerted them to this indecent situation.  To which the guard on duty responded by approaching the nursing mother and directing her to the nursing mother's room. He then left.

For one thing, I have lived in this town for all but two years of my entire life.  I have been a nursing mother for about 14 of those years.  I have never known of any nursing mother's room in this mall.  Unless, of course, they are referring to the filthy restroom which doesn't even contain a chair that one might sit on.  If there is one, it certainly is not well marked.

For another thing, of all the disturbing things I have witnessed that should have had attention in public places around town, I find it hard to imagine that this required a security guard.  A mother with a baby latched on is so threatening that this woman could not approach her alone???
So what do you think happened?  The nursing mother continued to sit there and feed her baby.  The woman with the little boy was so repulsed by the whole matter that she went again and got the security guard and came with him this time to make sure the job got done right.  This time the security guard asks her to leave the premises.

The nursing mother was shocked.  Especially, in light of the fact that she was fully aware of a law passed just a few short years ago stating that mothers had the legal right to nurse their babies in public places.

Duh, do you think so?  How can it be that we need a law to tell us that it is right and just to nurse our babies in public?  I can hardly believe the stupidity of it.

Yet, I remember when my first was a newborn.  At that time, nursing was not in favor as it is now.  Bottle was all the rage.  I did my research and decided to nurse.  Having no one to mentor me and not even knowing anyone else with a baby at the time, I was not comfortable with nursing in the presence of other people.  I always made a point of nursing Kaitlin at home and planning my outings around her feeding schedule.

One time, though.  I remember being in that very same mall when there was no option but to feed her right then and there.  I found the most out of the way place I could, buried her under a blanket and began nursing her.  She hadn't been latched on for two minutes before an elderly gentleman came and sat down beside me.  I was squirming inside as I tried to figure out what to do.  I didn't have time to settle on any decision, though.  A woman, who I assume was his wife, showed up to fetch him.  She saw I was nursing and proceeded to tell me how indecent it was for me to sit beside a man that way and why couldn't I do that somewhere else!"

Please remember that there was nothing to be seen by anyone.  Baby and everything from my shoulders to my waist was covered under a blanket.  At 19 years old I was too horrified to even reply to her stinging words.  I can still feel the powerful drop of my jaw.  All these years I have looked back on it and summed it up as an older woman who was raised differently and written off.  I am glad to see that nursing has come a long way since then and is definitely the popular and accepted method of nourishing our babies.  That is why I was completely stunned at the idea that in this day and age, a young mother would attack another young mother for doing what is God's given provision for our babies.

Anyone who has nursed or knows someone who has nursed a baby can confirm that when a baby is latched on everything that might be considered "indecent" is completely covered.  Add a receiving blanket or scarf and there is nothing to see at all.

Let us consider what is acceptable in today's society.  Woman and girls walk around intentionally uncovering as much bosom, abdomen and rear end as they can while still saying that they are wearing clothing.  Often what is considered the clothing part is so see-through that saran wrap would do as good a job.  That is not only considered acceptable but also "attractive."  One only needs to walk through the junior's clothing department if they need more clarification on this.  

The day after reading this in the newspaper, I was at Target with my children looking through the Junior's section for something for Emma.  I turned around and saw a girl around Emma's age wearing a pair of denim shorts cut off so high that one could literally see the bottom of her buttocks.  I immediately covered my sons' eyes and left the department without getting what I came for.  Perhaps, I should have found a security guard and asked him to escort this indecent young lady out of the store?  Of course that is a rhetorical question.  What would have happened had I approached the security guard, instead of just discretely removing my sons' from a situation that would taint their eyes?   I would have been told it is none of my business what this young person wears.

Yet, it is front page news when a mother decides to use her God-given breasts for the purpose which God intended.  Go figure!


  1. What a well written post.
    Although I never breast fed my children, I never felt it something women needed to hide.
    It's sad to see what our world is becoming, but I guess that means we are inching closer to the day when Christ returns :-)

  2. Beautifully said! I breast fed my children and always did so carefully, to respect those around me who might not be comfortable. But I certainly never shared as much of my body with others as so many women and girls do everyday, even in church! I hate that I have to protect the eyes of my children even in the Lord's House!

  3. Hello there! I mentioned your post to my husband last night ,and was asking howcome people would even feel so offfended by something so natural,and he said that maybe those opposing it ,felt judged and since they probably did not breastfeed ,they didn't want to have to explain what it was ,to not feel guilt as to why they chose not to.Anyway I have been reading here daily just not commenting much.BTW can you give a tutorial on your hair updo,I think it is very pretty~

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  5. thank you for your replies... about your hair,it's how you have it in most of your pictures ,like the ones on the 2 nd &3rd pictures.and I think I will reply about the homeschool by email.:)

  6. perfectly said! I too find it ironic that society frowns on a woman nursing (modestly), and yet thinks nothing of clothing that BARELY covers the area and most certainly leaves NOTHING to the imagination.