June 18, 2010

Just For Fun

We have a friend who happens to be a very talented photographer. See the photos on my sidebar for a sampling. Last evening, we met at a local battlefield so she could do some family portraits and then moved to historic Harper's Ferry where she took lots of graduation photos of Kaitlin.

Neither Allen nor I could remember the last time we'd been to Harper's Ferry, even though it is just a short drive from our home, so we had fun walking around and looking at the historic buildings. It was hot and VERY humid but we were grateful that the storm didn't hit until we were about ten minutes into our ride home.

Anyway, we thought Susan looked so cute laying in the grass with the girls that Allen grabbed the camera.

And once I had it I snapped a few more. 
 The kids were so fascinate by the old barn and especially a little opening underneath of it.

Ellie and Sam thought the little chairs Susan had brought along were rather fun, also. 
 Can you see Aedan on the ground behind them peaking into that same hole?
It was just a fun little time of playing around together.  Our evening wrapped up with a wonderful rain storm which required a video and sandwiches cuddled on the couch in the family room... just being together. 

You can see the results of the shoot at Susan's blog, Just Photos.  


  1. She did a fantastic job!

    (I have the same jean skirt as Brianna (?) white 'scallop-things' on the bottom.. i love it)

  2. What beautiful pictures! Looks like everyone had a nice time getting their picture taken. Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Amy