June 19, 2010

Just a Normal Week...

Wondering where I've been? First, I've been trying out new bread recipes. You know how much I love to bake. During the school year, I was too busy to bake as much as I normally do in the winter. I seldom bake in the summer because it gets too hot here to turn the oven on. But with the cool rainy days we've had, I've been baking up a storm. Don't worry, you'll be getting some great new recipes to try... like this Vermont Cheese Bread.

And these Cheeseburger Cookies...
Aren't they adorable?  Then there was the getaway with my hubby... 
That didn't happen after all... 
Because the kids came down with a stomach bug...  just in time for my sister and nephew to arrive from Italy...
Do you all remember them from my trip last fall?  And since then, we've just been visiting...
And catching up...
And getting the cousins acquainted... 
And that's where you will find us for the next 6 weeks.  Happily making this little one part of our family and enjoying the sweet fellowship with my sister and her hubby. 



  1. Aww... he is SO cute! Enjoy your time and praying everyone is feeling better real soon.

  2. bread looks delish and the cookies are adorable! and your nephew is oh so cute,i'm sure everyone is wanting to carry him :) and I pray your kids get well very soon,Caleb had 24 hour virus...and how fun for your sister to be with you for 6 weeks!

  3. Those cheeseburger cookies are just TOO cute! :)

  4. Mmmm! That cheese bread looks wonderful, I'm looking forward to trying the recipe. Wow, 6 weeks! I am jealous, I wish I could spend 6 weeks with my 8 mo. old niece! I hope you have a wonderful visit, he is a cutey!

  5. Your cheeseburger cookies are so cute. Hope you have a wonderful time with your sister and nephew.

  6. I'm enjoying all of the pictures from earlier posts. The one at the top of the page is so cool. I love it!

    It's wonderful your sister and nephew could come from Italy to visit.

    have a fun summer.