June 24, 2010

Little Moments, Big Memories

Forever In Blue Jeans

I am joining Carin at Forever in Blue Jeans for her weekly challenge to get mom in the picture.  If you've not been in the picture this week, it's not too late!  Here's my four step plan to recovery.  1-Grab the camera 2- grab a kid 3- take a shot 4-post it!  You can't ask for easier than that.  I can't wait to see you in the picture.

This week we start with teaching Ellie how to make Cheeseburger Cookies.
Taking a minute to cuddle Elisabeth and Gabriel.
It was already past his bedtime the evening that Di and Gabriel arrived.  All of the cousins couldn't wait for his bath to be over to get a peak at their newest little buddy.  They all crowded in the tub and around to say hello.
Diann took this one Sunday morning before going to church.
My dad snapped this one Sunday at lunch.  You will see me, Diann and our oldest brother, Frank.
Relaxing Sunday afternoon when we got home from lunch.

Catching fireflies with the kids Monday night to celebrate the longest day of the year.
Brianna took this, but I am not sure why... but you know who it is.☺
Until Next Week,


  1. Great family pictures! Love the one of you all before church and the last one of you and hubby! Those cheeseburger cookies look yummy BTW!

  2. Fun. Fun. Great pictures!! Is your sister younger or older than you then? Is it just the three of you...your sister, brother and you? Nice pictures :) Amy

  3. Those were all so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  4. your title says it best.. little moments, big memories. looks like you're all having a great time together!!

  5. I have to be honest, I adore that "Sunday relaxing" picture... such a perfect illustration of "little moments: big memories"!

  6. Beautiful family pictures.....wow cheeseburger cookies, now that's fun!

  7. All of those turned out great!!! You have a beautiful family!

  8. Great pictures! Also, I love the new header. Of course, I haven't been on here in a week, so it might not be as new as I think. :)

  9. Fun Family times...thats what life is all about...cherish them. Great photos.

  10. Kat,

    Oh how I miss catching fireflies! We don't have them here but I miss sharing that experience with my youngest.

    Great pictures as always. Whats up with cheeseburger cookies?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. wonderful photos! I so admire you being so hands on on each of them :)

    u may view mine here

  12. your pictures are always so touching, your family is so lucky to have you to be mom. How neat to catch fireflies, we have never seen those before. Neat and creative cookies. Great pics!

  13. dear Beautiful family,
    So enjoyed seeing the photos of your family, fun, smiles.
    We have 3 girls and 3 boys...not in that order.
    My hubby is #7 out of 12 kids.
    We married on the 7th day of July
    Always hoped for a 7th baby, as the tie~breaker, but we have got 3 grandbabies so far instead!
    The number 7 (but not exclusively)