June 12, 2010

No, Sir...

... I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Last month, a friend of ours gave us the privilege of allowing three of their little ones to stay with us for the day while they visited a home school conference.  When I was finished making pancakes for breakfast, I went to hunt all the kiddos down, and here is where I found the three little girls.  How cute is that?  Can you guess what kind of stuff the four boys were up to?  Yes, it involved the sandbox and dirt and sticks. 
Whenever other children come over there is always a mad rush to sit next to Emma at the table.  Her sweet heart and gentle nature act like a magnet around others.  And this day was no exception.  As soon as they arrived Josiah and Suzanna were asking to sit next to Emma.  To some the sight of ten children around their kitchen may seem intimidating, but to me is the purest joy in the world.  
 The weather was fabulous and we had a grand day outdoors together. 
The kids even thought nap time was fun with their little friends along for the ride.  Ella was thrilled to sleep in Emma's bed.  Although, Ellie was too busy looking at Ella to go to sleep for quite some time.
Allen was out of town that day and rang us up to say hello and report on his flight schedule.  The kids answered the phone and passed it from person to person reporting on the excitement of the day.  Seven times he heard all about the children visiting, the pigs in a blanket for lunch and listening to Jonathan Park at nap time.

By the time the phone got to me, he jokingly said, "What are you doing, running a day care?"  I had to laugh as that reminded me of a funny thing that happened the year after we moved into our house, about 7 years ago now.

One night as we were finishing the dinner dishes there was a knock at the door.  It is rather common for us to have unexpected people come to our door.  We happen to live in an area where the roads become confusing.  We are the first house off the road so travelers frequently rap on our door trying to find their way.  Allen was gone for some time and I assumed he was just giving someone directions.

When he came back to the kitchen, though, he was shaking his head and laughing.  "That was one of our neighbors," he said.  "He stopped by because they have their grandson staying with them and his wife said you run a daycare."  (We only had four children then).  I wish I had seen the look on that gentleman's face when Allen said, "I am sorry to inform you sir, but they are all ours."


  1. the most Ive had around my table is 9 (kids)... good thing we live in the country,surrounded by pine trees, otherwise we get stopped for 'daycare' too :)

  2. Some of my favorite pictures is when I have a table full. The most I've had is 15 kids...and then to top it all....listening to all those voices saying Grace in unison. I love it!!!

  3. What a cute story. I love all of the photos done in sepia. The photo of the 3 girls reading is absolutely precious.

    It seems the more kids you have the easier it is to take care of even more! lol I have kids here all the time to add to our five.