June 23, 2010

So Long Old Friend

I still remember the day you came to me, all shiny and new, like one of our newborn babies.  How excited I was to wash all the piles of laundry that had accumulated with three babies as we awaited your arrival.  How efficiently and quietly you went about your work! 

Yes, we've had some good times, you and I.  Remember all the times you washed our newborn clothes and blankets in preparation for our latest arrival?  Or how about the curtains and linens you washed as we got ready for special guests?

You've seen me through some tough times, too.  All the sleepless nights you washed while I folded and ironed.  The longs days and weeks you kept things fresh while the family suffered through countless stomach bugs.  Don't forget the time coffee spilled all over the down comforter and pillows.  It looked like a dark moment but in an hours time, you had everything as good as new.

You've worked hard, indeed.  4,368 loads.  39,312 socks.  2,808 towels, give or take a few.  2,496 sets of sheets.  Countless pairs of jeans, skirts, dresses and pajamas. 

And yet, you are gentle enough to handle my hand wash only and dry clean items like a mother handling her newborn baby. 

There were times when it was touch and go.  But you got back up and fought the good fight for us with no regard for your own suffering.  Do you remember when you started leaking water on the floor?  But yet, you kept on going until the very end.  Tending to our families needs up until the very last moment when your replacement arrived. 

Well done my good and faithful servant.  It's been good knowing you. 


  1. Joining you in your salute and memory of the very hard working member of your family. So long. And such a needed friend.

    You must post pictures of your replacement. :)

    Blessings on your Wedensday!

  2. Oh, the love we women have for a good washer....

  3. behind every good mother... is a good washer :)
    (ok, maybe thats not how it goes.. but its fitting, right?)

  4. Did you get the same kind as a replacement?