June 25, 2010

So Many Questions...

... So little time

Just teasing.  It did seem like people sent me a lot of questions this week.  So I thought in lieu of a post, I would actually answer a few of them today, for a change.

Kat:  Cheeseburger Cookies... see this post... and recipe coming soon.

We did not get the exact same machine because that model is no longer available.  As we always do when making a major purchase, we just got the consumer reports recommended machine, which happened to be an LG... and yes, so far, I am happy with it.  It works for one thing, and you can't beat that!

Rachel:  Here you are!

Jen T., Renee, and others who asked about my new blog look...Isn't it fabulous???  I was hijacked by my HTML loving daughter, Brianna.  She writes code for kicks, go figure.  So whenever you see a new look here, that's because she has been playing around and wanted to try something out.  She designs blogs for fun... but has a waiting list.  Those who are interested or need help could leave a note and I'll have her contact you. 

Heather:  That is Kaitlin, not Brianna, (don't feel bad, everyone mixes them up) wearing my skirt.  And I LOVE that skirt.! I let Kaitlin borrow it for the pictures, but I wear it at least once a week.  It is so feminine and comfortable and airy. 

Laura:  Billy Joel, what else can one say?

Heidi:  Oh, dear Canuck... we miss you, too, friend.  Even those kids who've not met you ask about their Aunt Heidi... We need to do something about that one of these day.

Thanks for your well wishes to the sick kids... the 24 hour virus has last 10 days now... just when I think they feel better they start complaining of terrible stomach cramps again... weird thing, especially because only some of them got it... which is a blessing for sure.

Mocha Momma:  Good to see you girl...

Amy:  Can't wait to check out your hubby's blog when I have a moment to breathe...

Lorus:  How is your Bible reading going?

All those who commented about gifts:  I am glad to see I am not alone!  Love the coupon idea... maybe we should boycott or something?☺

Jess:  I am doubly with you... 9 of us in 1800 square feet that we've been renovating for 8 years... no room for STUFF!  If it doesn't serve a purpose it goes to good will or eBay.

Notorious J.O.E.  I am with you!  People take far too lightly the Bible that they choose to read.

To all those who read You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover:  I do hope you didn't think I was complaining... in fact I thought it was so amusing that our family talked about it much over the last four days.  I just thought it was a neat story and was very pleased with the way both companies handled it.

Gabby:  I like they way you referred to our washing machines as our dear servants.  If you look at it like that $1000 for 6 years of service isn't bad at all!!!  Imagine if I'd washed all that by hand or with a ringer like my mother in law?  What a bargain, I got!  You know and when I think of it like that, I think well all proper servants have great names... any suggestions ladies... I think at least the washer and dryer should get a name of their very own.  On that thought, the dishwasher runs at least three times a day around here... perhaps she deserves a name, too.  I will entertain suggestions... leave them in the comment and I'll let you all know what we choose!

Amy:  My brother Frank is 40, I am 38, my sister, Diann is 36 (37 July 6) and we in fact have a younger brother, Dan, who lives in New Jersey so wasn't with us this Sunday.  In fact the last time we were all together was in 2007 when my sister graduated and the time before that was 2000.  The times we do get all four of us together are pretty special and too few and far between.


  1. Let's see; Wilma for the washer, Doris for the dryer, and Henry for the dishwasher. Of course those are spur of the moment, off the top of my head names, so feel free to discard any or all of them. :)

  2. I was sorry to miss the shoot me post yesterday, but had fun stopping by today! Love your new look. :)

  3. Wow, you covered a lot.
    Naming your appliances...let's see: Mary, Mary & the other Mary. All servants of God. Or You could throw a Martha & Hannah in there.
    And then there is/are(?) always Lydia, Ruth or Sarah.

    Have fun with that,

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