June 15, 2010

Until the Milk Man Comes

After a good run with a man, who happened to raise chickens, that happened to lay more eggs than his family could use, who thus offered those excess organic eggs at a great price, $1.50 a dozen, we lost our connection when he stopped working with my dad and we found ourselves... eggless.

After such a phenomenal price, forking over $5 a dozen (times 7 dozen a week) for organic eggs in our local markets was killing me.  So I set out to find a better source at a more reasonable rate.
I settled on a local dairy that sells eggs for $3 a dozen.  And as long as I was doing business with them, I figured I might as well look into their other products.  Their non homogenized milk was also less expensive than buying it in the grocery store or Walmart.  My family loves yogurt and lots of various cheeses so we were also excited by their line of artisan cheese.

And here's the best part, they still deliver to a milk box on my front porch! 

We've been using them for a number of months now, and have not been disappointed.  They have a wide range of other products that we have sampled along the way.  Our latest foray has been their selection of fresh citrus juice.

Now here's the point.  For me much of the pleasure in life is from aesthetics.  It doesn't often matter what we eat, if it is served at a nicely set table surrounded by a happy family.  It does not matter how sick I am, I can not lay and rest unless I have made the bed and folded it back neatly.  I know that sounds obsessive or something... but that is how it is.  The last thing I do before we walk out of the house to go anywhere, is make sure things are tidy because I love coming home to an orderly house.  It makes all the difference in my attitude and disposition.

So with that in mind, let me tell you how delightful, and yes aesthetically pleasing it is to open my milk box and find these beautiful jars lined up neatly inside. 

And I am not alone.  My Emma Rose loves to sleep in.  She is always the last out of bed in the morning, no matter what time she retires at night.  On Friday mornings, however, she is up at 6:00 Am sharp so she can be the one to take the milk from the box.

(I wouldn't be a Wachter at all if I didn't take this opportunity to tell you, sometimes she brings the milk in and climbs right back into bed for a few more hours.) 

And can you blame her?  For us folks who long for the simple and slower ways of days past, what could be more enjoyable than having a little of those old times delivered to our front porch once a week?


  1. What a great pleasure to receive daily. I love how Emma excitedly awakes to bring it in and then returns from whence she came. Smart girl.

    A friend of mine has been getting fresh milk for us from an Amish farm and we've enjoyed it.

  2. Yes the simple things do bring great pleasure, why can't I get that through my head when I go to de-clutter my home? :) Enjoyable post as usual!

  3. neat.. wish we had something like that by us!

  4. Oh, Kat....what a blast from the past! We used to get milk delivered to our home as well as my grandmother's. I remember those metal boxes that used to store those beautiful glass bottles of milk.

    Ahhh...thanks for the memories!