June 26, 2010

When You Are The Mother of Boys...

...Who have their father's romantic spirit and giving heart... you might find something like this on your bedside table when you retire for the night.  A pail from the sand box with this sweetly written note.  

And you might lift the bucket and find nothing underneath and wonder why your thoughtful son left you an empty bucket. 

If you happened to be really sleepy, you would probably go to kiss him goodnight and say thank you for the surprise on my night table and then go to bed yourself.  If he was really sleepy (and by the time you get them still enough to get into their beds, aren't all little boys sleepy?)  he might forget that you came to tell him thank you. 

Sometime during the night, you might wake up with something crawling up your arm and for a brief moment jump before grabbing it, handing it to your hubby to toss out the door and then rolling over and go back to sleep. 

Over breakfast the next day, your precious benefactor might just ask you, "How did you like your surprise, Mama?"  Perhaps you'd say, "Don't you remember that I came in to kiss you goodnight and told you thank you?" 

But he was sleepy so he didn't remember much and so he asks you again.  "Did you like the lightening bug I left under the bucket for you?" 


  1. lightnening bug, as a gift ,thats so precious,and adorable :)

  2. That is so cool though! I wish we had Lightning bugs where we are in California. Your boys are thoughtful and love you!

    Take Care and Keep the faith...

  3. dear Lighting up your life,
    We just noticed last night that there are more this year than ever. Not sure why. We have had a perfect Spring and early Summer tho...maybe they think so too!
    What a sweet gift. Our kiddos like to collect them in jars and use them as a night light for a while.
    Summer nights with twinkling lights