June 29, 2010

Zip, Zip...

For Christmas we gave the kids a zip line.  The last six months there has been much discussion about how to hang it for maximum fun while avoiding the telephone pole, play ground, train and other trees scattered about our yard.  Finally, Friday evening, we threw all caution to the wind and installed it between two trees. 

The boys brought me a chair and I sat back to watch the show.  It was hysterical watching them climb around in the tree trying to figure out what to do. When Ellie and the little boys got tired of waiting for the fun to begin, they found another way to pass the time.
Pa took the first ride, lest it should collapse.

Which, it didn't.  So everyone lined up for their turn.  

Of course, Elisabeth refuses to ever be left out of anything that looks remotely fun or dangerous.

Like daughter, like mother?

The only catch is that to make it safe enough for the youngest kids, us big kids had to learn how to pull ourselves up.  
 But once they got it down,  I bet you can guess where the weekend was spent.
Despite 100 degree temperatures
And an ongoing stomach bug
Yes, it was under the trees, swinging from a cable.  Saturday morning, as Allen and I sat under the umbrella and watched, they zipped until they had blisters.  Four hours that morning alone.  We laughed.  They laughed.  What fun!  I can't wait to see what fun they have when we have a few feet of snow on the ground!

Moms, are you tired and down in the dumps?  Overwhelmed by the many responsibilities running a home and guiding the children can bring?  Be discouraged no more!  Leave your work and go outside with your kids.  Watch them play for a while.  It will lift your spirits immeasurably.  Better yet, get out there and join in the fun.  You will be amazed at how energized you feel.


  1. Such fun! And I bet it's a great ab workout for the taller ones :)

  2. We have been wanting to get a zipline to put it from their treehouse to another tree..so we'll see!

  3. dear Yippee~Zippee,
    This is a great idea...i WONDER where you got it? My kids would love this too. A long time ago when our older two were young we made one. They had a grand time from the tree house to another tree. It lasted a while, but became worn out so we had to take it down for safety issues.

    To be Zipped again

    p.s. I e-mailed you, but i don't think it went through yesterday.
    I will try again. Hope you don't mind if i become a follower, i am enjoying your writing and pix after coming over yesterday from the 2 cowboys/2 ponytails site.

  4. Rachel, you are not kidding! We’ve had this stomach bug going around for some time. Well, the next evening Emma came to my bed and said that she had a bad cramp in her stomach all day long. Since she had already spent a week with the bug, I was thinking it must be something else but after eliminating any other causes began to wonder if she wasn’t coming down with it again. Then one of the other girls came in and was saying how they had worked their abs so hard on the zip line that they were sore. Ha! I’m thinking I need to spend more time out there!

    gkey, We bought this at Vision Forum.com It is the Fun Ride Super-Z Zip Line. It is available on Amazon.com and I am willing to bet you could find it for a better price on eBay.com. When possible we like to buy from Vision Forum and other Christian related companies in an effort to support their ministries. We have found that the items Vision Forum sells tend to be chosen for their high quality and tend to last. So hopefully, you will get a good amount of use from this one. As we've only had it up a few days, I can offer no guarantees, though. I hope that it works out for you.

  5. What fun! We just moved into our new home in March from England and one of the many fun things here was an already-installed zip line. Our kids, and any kids that come here, love to play on it. You look wonderful joining in on the fun.

    You are exactly right. We moms need to get outside and just play. :-)

  6. oh my word... can we say FUN!?!?
    looks like a blast!!

  7. We had something like this when we lived in Mt. Airy. We loved it!
    Looks like you all are having a blast!

    Love the new header!

  8. Oh! How awesome! I have always said...I *think* I would love to try to do a zip-line! Our son was able to go on a zip-line during his working missions trip in Nicaragua.

    Where did you buy that?

    Blessings & Aloha!

  9. oops! I realized that you answered that question when gkey asked where you got the zip line. How fun!

    I will have to look those companies up on google. Thank you!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  10. I can't believe that you actually got on! There's something to show your grandchildren:)