July 28, 2010

Aedan's Favorite Bible Books

Tonight, at dinner, we were talking about what everyone learned in their Bible reading today.  Aedan told me his three favorite books of the Bible are:

Genesis- because he knows a lot of stuff in Genesis.

Job- because it talks about dinosaurs.

Proverbs-because it has little secret hidden treasures of wisdom that you can't find by just looking at it; you have to learn them. 

I love this summer Bible reading challenge our family is doing.  It started out as just something I was going to do and now everyone who reads in our home is deep into it.

How exciting it is to hear my eight year old say he read eleven chapters of his Bible during his quiet time this afternoon when he has struggled with reading for two years!

I am also amazed at how much more the little guys seem to be absorbing reading so much on their own.  I have been stopped dead in my tracks more than once by one of the boys applying some principle they picked up in their reading.  And we won't even go into what they have learned from their study of Proverbs since April!

The other day we were doing chores and Aedan came up missing.  When he reappeared he said that he was sorry that he didn't come back right away but Nathaniel was doing his Bible study and he asked Aedan to explain something to him.

What about you?  What are you studying now?  How has God stopped you in your tracks?  What amazing things have you gained from your daily time in the Word?


  1. My heart leaps with joy for what your family is doing-IT CAN BE A CHALLENGE!! I'm spending my time studying aspects of holiness and understanding how far we (I) have really removed ourselves (myself)from God.

    Praise Him for His grace!

    RC Sproul has a wonderful book about the Holiness of God- definetly a must read!


  2. dear on the right track,

    We have often read a "proverb of the day" with our kids through the years. Since there are 31 chapters it works out nice. If we miss a day for some reason we just skip to the right 'days'/chapter and go on. It will come around again the next time.
    The 12 year old often shares about what she likes about that book.

    The blessings of watching and listening
    all our homeschooling years