July 2, 2010

Harmony Series

Something we do an awful lot around here is read.  All of us, even those who can't read, "read."  Often.  Frequently.  Most of the time.  We read to ourselves.  We read to others.  We listen to audio books.  Best of all we read aloud as a family.  In the winter months we curl up after dinner together by the fire and during the summer months, under a big tree in the yard. 

This winter we happened upon the Harmony Series by Phillip Gulley.  We enjoyed the first book so much that by Spring we had finished most of the series.  Even though, I don't necessarily agree with all his theological viewpoints, there is little to dislike in these books.  We laugh, we cry and then we laugh some more. 

If you have ever lived in a community, been married, raised children or been a church member you will find something to love about these books.  My very favorite was The Christmas Scrapbook.  But that is much later in the series. So if you, like me, must read books in the order they were written, start with Home to Harmony. 

My library didn't carry all the books in the series so we had to invest in them.  I am ok with that, because they will be read again and again.  These are available through Amazon.com but I found them much cheaper still at eBay.


  1. Hi, Kat!

    Wow....that looks like a great series to read. Kiddo dislikes reading and it is has always been hard getting him to read. How did this happen? I am an avid reader and have my nose in a book every chance I get. I even have a cup of coffee and read in the morning while watching the chickens foraging for their breakfast. lol

    I am on book three of "The Sister's of Holmes County" series by Wanda Brunstetter and they are wonderful. I recently purchased four of them at a yard sale. WAHOO! After I read them I donate them to the library. It's a win-win situation!

    Blessings, sweet friend~

  2. Looking forward to the fall when we can finish the series!