July 24, 2010

Mole Hunting

Since the first spring we lived in this house, eight years and counting, we have had an ongoing war with moles. We were happy to coexist with the critters when their destruction was limited to our side yard and lawn, but when they moved into my gardens, that was a different story.

We have tried just about every remedy you can imagine.  From mole bait and traps to chewing gum and peanuts to even calling the exterminator in.  Yet, each year their damage grows worse and worse, as the elusive rodents continue to evade us.  Even our cat, try as she might, can not get deep enough to get those pests.

A few weeks ago, we were leaving for church when one actually surfaced.  Allen ran for his shovel, and I will spare you the rest of the details.  Let it suffice to say, mole- 0 Pa- 1.  A few days later the kids were playing in the yard when they called frantically for Pa to come with the shovel.  He did and the score was upped to mole-0 Pa-2.

How do you like that?  He's better than the cat!
That's not the best part, though.  A while later, after everything had calmed down and all had returned to their work, I looked out the window and no longer saw the boys in the front yard. 
A glance around and I found them at last.  Following mole trails, armed with hand spades ready to attack, should a little nuisance show his naughty little head.

That's my fierce little hunters!


  1. Good for your boys! They are perfect gentlemen. :)

  2. haha.. we had trouble with moles at home too, and my dad would smack 'em with a shovel also..
    one time in particular I remember my dad running with the shovel above his head ready to smack one..in the front yard.. with me and my sister running beside them..

    i believe we had a car stop and several slow down to see what the commotion was all about! :) my mom was utterly humilated.. and my dad was pleased.. he got another mole :)

  3. Ahhh.....the live version of Whack-A-Mole! lol