July 25, 2010

Oh, Summer! How I Love Thee. Let Me Count The Ways...

Blooms on the butterfly bush... that at almost any given time I have counted up to 100 butterflies resting and eating.

This fragrant bush provides a beautiful privacy screen for the deck off of our bedroom and also a cool place to read on a hot summer day.  


  1. Hi, Kat~

    I see we share a love for the Butterfly Bush aka Summer Lilac
    (Buddlia davidii) It has always been one of my favorites. Their beautiful aroma is certainly intoxicating. I could stand there all day, not only breathing in their scent but just marveling at the beautiful butterflies that are resting and enjoying it as well!

    Beautiful photo....beautiful butterfly!


  2. Nice pillow. That could almost be a chair:)