July 12, 2010

The Wisdom of A Two Year Old

My family loves to swim.  Bet you didn't know that☺  But we don't care for the choices in swim wear that cover less than most undergarments.  After lots of experimentation and years of searching, we finally settled on wearing men's board shorts (which are essentially knee length trunks) and UV shirts that are designed for surf gear.   Because the shirts+ aren't lined, the girls wear bikini tops underneath for modesty sake.  (This makes bathroom breaks easier than a one piece.)

The other day, while I was in Walmart, I picked up a new set for Emma.  No you can not buy just the top, so you must pay for both pieces and toss the bottoms.  Elisabeth was with me at the time and for some reason got a huge kick out of it.  She held the hanger all the way home talking non stop about Emma's new bathing suit. 

When we got home she immediately began trying to take it off the hanger so she could put it on.  I offered to help and removed the pieces, cut the tags and handed it back to her.  She held the top in one hand and the bottom in the other and with a horrified look on her face said, "Mama, it's broken!" 


  1. LOL! Yes, to her little eyes and mind it was indeed broken! Too cute. Love the pictures on your header! Great to peek in on your family again.

  2. HA HA HA HA! Oh, what the mind of a child thinks!


  3. Oh, Mama, just the laugh I needed!! The first picture also had me laughing to remember when that happened!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. At least someone get's it right.