August 2, 2010

Bar Stool Makeover

I bought this bar stool at Ollie's Outlet 9 years ago with the intention of making it into something.  Well, I finally decided what that something was. 


A few weeks ago I bought new curtains for the kitchen.  
A project I've been trying to do since we repainted the kitchen three years ago.  The curtains only came in valence and panel sets so to get the three valences I needed I had to buy three packages for a total of 6 panels.  I only need three panels.  I wasn't too bummed about it since they were only $10 a set.  It's hard to beat a price like that.  And look how great it worked out to use the extra panels along with a $2 bottle of paint for this project.

Do you suppose there's something wrong with me?  My life is in total chaos and I have an urge to paint anything that doesn't move?


  1. pepper, thats so cute :)

  2. This look beautiful! GREAT job!

  3. Remind me not to stand still for too long (or fall asleep on your couch) if I ever visit you again! I seem to remember you stenciling grapes or something on your kitchen walls when I was there... apparently some things haven't changed!

  4. dear EnchantingIdea,

    I love it!

    Using things i have to make
    it all work together