August 12, 2010

Emma Fourth Grade Curriculum 2009-2010

A number of ladies asked me for a specific listing of the curriculum plan that I used for the children.  I had hoped to get it up in June to be a help to those who were planning for this fall but God had other ideas.  Sorry ladies.

Don't take it personal.  I am behind on many things.  I found my father in law's birthday card standing between the canisters on my kitchen counter this morning.  His birthday was July 29th.  I remembered that the reason I put it there was because it needed a stamp.  Which also happened to be there between the canisters.

Before you think it is because my kitchen counters are so disorganized or messy that I can't see a card sitting right there in plain sight with a book of stamps, don't be fooled.  You will rarely find anything out of place in my kitchen.  It's just that my mind is a different story lately.  ☺

Anyway, there will be a number of posts forthcoming highlighting the children's curriculum from last year and the plan for the upcoming school year.  I hope it is not too late to be of some use to someone out there!

To save time, I will be copying this explanation into all of them so someone doesn't come across an odd post listing text books and wonder why someone would post something so very boring.  So if you happen to read it again in a few hours or days, don't wonder why it sound familiar.  And don't wonder that I am losing my mind.  It is still hanging on by a thread or two!

Also, for those who sent specific questions that you never got answers for... they will be coming.  If you have a question that you are just burning to get an answer for leave it in my comments or email me with the button on my side bar.  I shall endeavor to be a little more timely with my replies.

Thanks for your patience!

Rod and Staff 4 Exploring With God
ABC's of Christian Growth

Language Arts

Easy Grammar 3 (finished up from previous year)
Easy Grammar 4
Abeka Read and Think Skill Sheets 4
Abeka Song of the Brook
Abeka Saved at Sea
Abeka Salute to Courage
Abeka Liberty Tree
Abeka Flags Unfurled
Abeka Trails to Explore
Modern Intermediate Reader
Abeka Spelling, Vocabulary and Poetry 4

Math-U-See Gamma
Math-U-See Delta
World Maths Day 

Creation Science Evangelism Physical Science
Creation Science Evangelism Earth & Space 
Creation Science Evangelism Biology
Creation Science Evangelism Dinosaurs and the Bible
Abeka 4 Exploring God's World
Abeka 4 Developing Good Health 
Kids Discover The Heart
Kids Discover Space 2
Kids Discover Earthquakes
The Mysterious Islands (Vision Forum)
Growing Crystals

Abeka 4 The History of Our United States
Abeka 4 My State Notebook
Truth Quest American History for Young Students
Skippack School by Marguerite de Angeli
The First Ladies of the United States of America
Current Events

We call alternates everything else because we rotate them from day to day.

Piano Lessons
Art Lessons using How Great Thou Art:  Feed My Sheep and Rod and Staff Artpac
Quilting or other needlework such as cross stitch


  1. When are you starting school for your kids? I am also homeschooled. It it such a blessing from the Lord! :) I'll pry be starting in the last week of August or beginning of September. However, I have started some subjects with a co-op I go to.
    I was just wondering! Love your blog! I read it *almost* every day! Though, I don't have very much time to comment....

    Giving GOD the GLory!

  2. Hey, Kat~

    Looks like a great year ahead!