August 14, 2010

Guess Who?

I went to the library this evening to return some books. Which is the first time I've been there in months. Can you imagine why? Anyway, we were excited to see that our little branch (literally one room in the ruritan's building)and more specifically our family were the poster kids for the summer reading program. How funny is that. KK is the one in the suit. The girls volunteer for story time and play all sorts of fun characters. It is hard to move and see in the suits so the other girl usually goes along as an escort. It helps to keep the rambunctious preschoolers from knocking the suited girl over, too. Actually, all our kids are in there, but I didn't even realize they were they at first because they are buried in the mass of other kids. It was a fun little discovery in my otherwise uneventful (ha) life.

1 comment :

  1. In reply to Aunt Hope: yes it is! In fact you have to drink like a gallon of water when you get out of the bunny suit. Our librarian actually turns the air down for us so our poor little selves don't overheat:)