August 17, 2010

Ice Cream Sundays

At our church fellowship on July 4th someone brought an ice cream maker and all the kids took turns cranking, and eating, some delicious dessert.  Which hit the spot on a very hot day and reminded us of our ice cream maker, sitting on the school room shelf, for lack of another place to store it.  We used to churn up a treat once and again during the summer but forgot all about it last summer completely.

We decided that for the rest of the summer, our Sunday afternoons would include a batch of slow churned ice cream, a tradition from my husband's child hood.  In the last month we have made some fantastic goodies, including coffee bean, toffee and our most recent concoction, German chocolate ice cream.

Emma and I usually make the custard up on Saturday so it has time to chill.  Sunday, after worship, it gets churned and popped into the freezer to ripen in time for dessert after dinner.

You know how it is around here, everyone, likes to get in on the act.  Samuel keeps and eye on things... just in case... 

... someone should come along to sneak a taste!

Speaking of Brianna... today is her 15th birthday!!!!  Can you believe it???  You know  what else???  I didn't type up her birthday blessings so you can check out last years until I get it done! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Nana! You are a very special young lady! I hope you have a wonderful 15th year!

  2. That picture is *um* something else:)