August 27, 2010

It's Time!

The official wipe board Countdown to graduation
The youngers took turns
making their graduation
in the days
preceding the big event
until at last no one could believe it was finally here!
Kaitlin even less so than the rest of us as we dragged her out of bed at six am with the promise of a delicious pool side breakfast, featuring Emma's berry torte, to start the festivities. 
Which was only half true. 
Also awaiting her...

were six pajama clad siblings

and five buckets full of water balloons to get things started Wachter style.
 No we don't play fair!
But we do know
how to make up.
Brianna and Emma saved all their Monday night babysitting money from last year and pooled it together with their birthday money to give Kaitlin a Dell net book.  They were so excited to present it to her, they couldn't wait one more minute.  I think KK was excited, too!
Even though, the forecast was to be over a hundred with storms on the horizon, at this hour it was still cool with blue skies, perfect for a joyful breakfast together before the hectic day got underway. 
After bagels, fruit, juice, yogurt and milk we got down to the real business of the day.  Pulling out the official class of 2010 pen
and having the official signing

and unofficial presentation
of Kaitlin's diploma
(The thing is, I have no idea why it keeps flipping that picture side ways.  Blogger did it with the pen above, too.  I have had it do that to other pictures when I tried to upload them before, also.  No clue how to fix it.  I tried tricking it out and flipping it side ways and it still uploaded it this way.  So you will just have to read sideways... or tell me how to fix it☺)

In preparation for the day, where forecasts were in the hundreds, we made about 25 gallons of sweet tea, punch and lemonade

The ladies
 painted our nails Wachter Wagon Red
No, we didn't forget our piggies.
Brianna hunted down matching suits and ties
dresses and skirts

and even hair bling for the entire family in our school colors, navy blue and red.
After a few snap shots (and I do mean a few!  I have never taken so few pictures of such a momentous occasion in my entire life) to mark the occasion, it was time at last!


  1. dear details count,

    I am sure enjoying the details of your special celebration for your girl. You all looked so lovely and put together!
    We have had our first 2 girls graduate from homeschool so far. Our son graduates this next year.
    Then 3 more after that.
    It is a very special milestone, and my girls were very helpful in all the little details we did for them.

    Graduation Celebration

  2. Congratulations to Kaitlin! Thanks for sharing such a detailed post about the celebration. I enjoyed every detail of it. ^^

    Also, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    Happy Friday!

  3. I love Kaitlin's expression when she opened up the Dell net book -- priceless!

    Beautiful pictures, Chili Pepper! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Love in Christ,
    Elizabeth Rose

  4. You all are such a FUN family... Congratulations on graduating.

  5. Congratulations! Our oldest did a traditional graduation untraditionally: he graduated from high school one week and college the next (via the running start program in our state). I'm looking forward to the next two letting us have a "real" homeschool graduation

  6. Congratulations, Kaitlin!

    Thank you, Kat, for allowing us to join your family on such a wonderful and exciting day!

    Blessings to you all~