August 3, 2010

Living Room Makeover

Here it is for all those who asked... the final results of our living room makeover.
I've been wanting to do this for three years, but could never quite get up the energy or nerve.
But I am so glad we did!  
The red accent wall is my favorite.  At the last minute, we decided to add one at the end of the adjoining hallway, too.
It is amazing to me what a few cans of paint can do. 
Nothing, not even one nick knack, changed in this room... 
 ...except for the closet door.
 The room has a completely different feel with just a few days of hard work... 
...and a good bit of furniture polish, since we were at it anyway. 

We jumped in so quickly and unexpectedly, we didn't even take before pictures. 

For those who are interested you could pop over and take a peek at the Home Tour Brianna did last fall.
Which, as we watched it with the boys the other day...
 ...we realized is really in need of an update since we have finished a lot of work and made a number of changes since then.
We've been trying to bring the feel of our school room and nursery into the rest of the house but I've never been able to quite pull it together with the hand-me-downs and used items I had to work with.  I really think just changing the color did exactly what we were looking for.
Those new photographs on the wall were the cause of this whole mess!  I don't want to take time to tell the whole story again, but for those who are interested, I will copy and paste below the explanation I sent to my friend when she asked the other day.
Here it is the paint story.  You know how I said we never cared for the color that we had when Allen hired a painter to do the living room three years ago, September?  And ever since we have debated what to do and what color and this and that.  Just when we are ready to pull the trigger I chicken out… because it is so much time and work… and what if we don’t like it, again… 

Tuesday, I left early in the morning and dropped my car off for servicing.  Then we went to the doctor.  After that we had a number of errands to run.  We got back mid afternoon.  Allen had much work to do and said he would be working late.   

I was exhausted… you know the stress of things AND errands… yuck… So I came in and flopped in the rocking chair in the living room.  It was quite hot and the girls flopped down and we were all chit chatting.   

One of the things I’ve been working on is printing and replacing some of the family portraits in the hall with some updated ones that Susan did, and I added a few new frames… So as we were chatting the girls were putting the pictures in frames and we were choosing a new batch to print. 

My brain can’t think of more than four or five prints at a time right now.  I know that is lame, but I am happy for the four or five.

Somehow, putting those prints in the frames and hanging them, led to the talk about the living room needing to be painted.  The girls say, "Why don’t we do it? I pulled out the same old reasons… too much work… not sure what to do… etc…

We already had the paint so Brianna went and brought it up.  I told her that they would have to do it all because I do not have the energy to paint and Pa has enough things going on right now.  So there she pulls out the drop cloths and they start in painting.  Once the first stroke went up I told them there was no turning back. 

Poor Allen was right around the corner in his office and had no clue.  By the time he came out around 7 or so, we were already at the pool and finished for the night.  He about flipped out… in a good way… he was so surprised. 

Of course, Wednesday morning I could not resist offering to help the girls.  Which we had fun and it looks great.  We got the first coat of red on last night and had to do two more today.   I did most of the trim while the girls worked on the red today. 

Tonight Allen decided to replace the closet door this weekend.  He and I and Samuel went back to the hardware store for a door.  He and I just finished up most of the remaining trim while the girls were watching Pride and Prejudice.  I have just the right side of the hallway (which includes 3 doorways) to do tomorrow and of course the new closet door will need painting.  But the hallway does not interfere with anything so I am not in so much of a hurry to get that done.  The new piano will be here on Saturday morning so I would very much like to get my living room back in one piece… plus after all that, I am dying to see how the pictures look on the walls!  Not to mention the gold curtains next to the red…


  1. I love the colors you chose! Nothing like a bright new color to cheer a person up!

  2. It looks lovely! Great job everyone!

  3. rofl I rarely eat junk food but when it comes to the pumpkins lol I have to have a bag lol

    :) Rooms looks Great

  4. Fun to see your new painted walls! I always loved watching a room transform after we painted it. :)

  5. It looks great!!
    I have that same type of yellow in our powder room!! Love it!

  6. Everything looks so great! It all came together so nicely!! Great job to all those hard workers!! Amy

  7. It looks wonderful! I love the colors. And yellow seems to go with just about anything. It's so brightening!

  8. I love the new color! It looks wonderful. Can't wait to see how the kitchen cabinets turn out. :)

  9. dear Made over,

    A lot of hard work....but yes so worth it for a re~freshing new look.
    I too, have a flag~topped coffee table, and have used a lot of my favorite red and yellow on our main floor.

    my home is where i feel the best

  10. Awesomeness. It came out so good.