August 20, 2010

We're Going on a Shoe Hunt

It seems like, despite the fact that Elisabeth owns 3 pair of flip flops, we can only ever find one.  No, not one pair, one flip flop.  Every where I go, I find a single little size six shoe.

Which leaves me to wonder why?  Not why are they laying in odd places all over the house and yard.  I got used to that and stopped wondering many years and numerous kids ago.  But why would she take off just one?

For that matter why would she wear only one at a time?  After digging through her cupboard the other day and finding only 1 of each pair of six pairs of shoes I began to wonder just where the others were.

I started wandering and looking.  The most obvious place to look was beside the sand box.  I was not disappointed as I turned up quite a bounty.

One little purple flip flop under her brother's bulldozer.
one Lightening McQueen croc (yes, these are hers because when her brother outgrew them she just had to have them.  With her propensity for losing shoes, I figured what do we have to lose?)
And check this out!  A matched set sitting prettily as if a little princess intended to come back for them.  One lovely patriotic pair of flip flops. 
After I made all the progress I could hope for there, I continued on and found one pink, faux fur lined croc inside my bedroom door.  
What do you think should be inside Ellie's little pink purse lying beside the croc?
Her white dress sandals, of course!
And behind my bedroom door?  Yes, it was a  red flag flip flop.
 I was beginning to understand why we could never find a complete pair of shoes in her cupboard!  Since we wear flip flops to the pool, that seemed like a logical place to look next.  And there it was.  One red star flip flop laying on top of the umbrella stand.  I got a match!!!!  I think you should go fish or something.
That was exhilarating but I think this might have been one of the best finds of all.  Check out the bag we use to carry our Bibles back and forth to church.
Can you imagine what we found inside when we got to worship on Sunday morning?  If you guessed the matching purple flip flop, you win the prize!
In my wildest dreams, I can't imagine how it got there since Ellie is never, ever, NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER, permitted  to wear flip flops to church.  But there it was plain as day. 
Do you remember which one is still missing its mate?  Well, wonder no more.  On our way to Home Depot today I found it on the floor of the Suburban.  (Ok, I know it is filthy.  But that's where the kids sit.  My front seat is neat and tidy.)
So with that mystery of where the shoes are is solved, we are only left to wonder, why there is a little girl wandering around with just one shoe.


  1. Hahaha, I loved this! You are some smart detective, girlfriend. Around here the girls don't match their flip flops and don't match their socks. It's a popular thing for friends to switch socks and flip flops for the day.

    I used to wonder how one of my childrens' shoes would wander off all by itself. Now I wonder how the socks manage to split up.....

  2. We have a lost flip flop crisis around here everytime we need to g anywhere! My 6 year old has more shoes than the rest of the family, and she can never find them! Now I know why! You are a good detective!

  3. i enjoyed this hunt! ^^,

    i hope the second mystery would be solved as well -- why there is a little girl wandering around with just one shoe?

  4. dear Flipped,

    Ahhh, the shoe drama is alive and well in other big families across the country!
    Our favorite expression when asked about a missing item (ie shoe)"Well, it's GOT to be SOMEWHERE!"


  5. haha.. cute post.. we seem to hunt for shoes almost daily.. even though they are 'suppose' to be by the back door. ;)

  6. What a fun post!! Enjoyed it!! Amy