August 25, 2010

You All Are Too Funny!

Well, ladies.  You have outdone me for sure.  You all had me rolling on the floor laughing... almost literally... and dear old hubby, too.  There is something to be said for that these days in old Wachter world.  I couldn't resist a few retorts of my own.  For those who I have email for... they are in your inbox but for those who don't, I posted them as a comment on my blog... but really who has time to come back to a post they already read to see if the blogger actually wrote a reply to them???  Not I, for sure.  Just to be sure you didn't miss it... check out this post.  And if you missed it... read their comments on this post.

Hope,  Does that mean you not in for the bling?  ☺Ha, had to tease you.  I couldn’t agree more with every word of your comment.  All I would add is that for those who know the Lord, death doesn’t need to be a bad thing… not that we won’t grieve those who have gone on… our human hearts can’t help it, right-o, but what could be better than to be with the God who started it all to begin with?  Isn’t that cause for celebration?

You ladies are too much!  You had me laughing out loud for hours after I read these comments.  Who knew there were so many great stories of cremation. 

Andrea, You are a pro!  One could tell you've had some big old family dinners, eh?

Kat, Funny you should mention the shoe box... we had a double funeral just today... you would have been so proud.  If I had my way, a shoe box behind the shed under the pink buds and lilacs would be just perfect for me.

Jess, The MOM ring... that is rich... you even had my hubby laughing out loud.

gKey... bring it on anytime!  It would be an honour to have you at our dinner table... you bring the family, we'll provide the topic.

Love to all,


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