September 30, 2010

The Family That Works Together

Forever In Blue Jeans

I am joining Carin at Forever in Blue Jeans for her weekly challenge to get mom in the picture.  If you've not been in the picture this week, it's not too late!  Here's my four step plan to recovery.  1-Grab the camera 2- grab a kid 3- take a shot 4-post it!  You can't ask for easier than that.  I can't wait to see you in the picture!

When we bought our house in 2001, the basement was finished with tile floors and paneling.  Before we could even move in, we had to gut the entire 1200 square foot space.  Flooding at some point, unbeknownst to us, (our home was an estate sale and had sat empty for some time) had left the place filled with mold and mildew.  I couldn't take more than one step inside the front door without my asthma inhaler.

The immediate plan was to get the rest of the house up and going with remodeling, two new rooms, new floors, windows etc... and then move to finishing the basement. 

Two weeks after we moved in, we discovered the source of the water issues.  A torrential down pour brought water pouring into the basement, bringing with it lots of mud and yuck.   The plan changed.

We began digging trenches and excavating the earth around the house to correct what was a badly done job.  We cleaned up hundreds of gallons of water before the job was complete.  I thought I would be happy never to see a drop of water again.   

Six years later, when my mom mentioned the possibility of a home theater, work got underway to refinish the basement, with hopes to be finished in six months, before Elisabeth was born.

Three years later, we were just about to the final stages, when we had a flood in the basement, this May.  It seemed rather minor at first.  A hose in the air handler got backed up with mold and it overflowed.  We dried the water up, fixed the hose, and bought a dehumidifier.  We knew that some of the laminate wood floor had been damaged and would need replacing, but we were not concerned.  After all, that is why we went with this type of flooring.  My regular readers know that the summer took some tough twists and turns that pushed the floor way to the back burner.

It wasn't until the first week of school that we realized the serious extent of the damage.  After a day of lessons, me and several of our children were having breathing problems.  That still didn't clue us in.

It was the spilled milk that did it.  On Wednesday of that week, our dairy order arrived.  The kids were carrying the glass jars to the spare fridge in the basement when I heard that dreadful sound.  "Crashing glass"  followed by "oops."  Insert Samuel's cute little squeaky voice here.  Brianna volunteered to clean the glass and milk off the steps and rug in the foyer at the bottom of the stairs.  When Kaitlin jumped in to lend a hand she noticed milk was leaking through the cracks in the steps to the closet below.  She thought of my photographs stored under there and began pulling them out and wiping the leaking milk from the top of the photo preservation boxes.  The outside of the boxes are glossy and so no damage was done there.

However, she discovered that the undersides of the boxes were wet and covered with mold and mildew.  It was a horrid sight.  Anything in the world could have been ruined and we would have tossed it in the trash and never thought twice about it.  Photographs, though.  Everyone, was devastated as we stared at a lifetime of memories sitting in ruin.  As we sorted I tossed at least $1000 worth of creative memories scrapbooks and supplies.  It was a slow and tedious process for two reasons.

First being, my severe allergy to mold and mildew.  After about five minutes my eyes were swollen, I itched from head to toe and breathing was difficult.  It has taken about a month for me to finish sifting through that.

Second being, as I made each discovery, I got too discouraged and had to quit.  For example, here is what's left of Elisabeth's baby book.

All in all, I tossed almost all my supplies and three scrapbooks.

We began sorting through the photo boxes and scanning what seemed salvageable.
It is a very long and tedious job that is still ongoing.

And then we began to investigate the extent of the damage.  With the help of my brother, we tore up almost the entire wood floor.  When all was said and done, the bathroom was gutted and all but one room of the basement had been affected.
 As everyone began getting sick from the effects of the air borne allergens, we treated the mildew and mold with bleach and mildew inhibitors.  Of course, for asthmatics, those chemicals are even worse than the mold itself. 

Ta-da.  Welcome to my finished-unfinished-refinished-unfinished, again basement.
With all the cleanup out of the way, the rebuilding began.  Of course, we had only a few days to get it done before we were scheduled to leave on vacation.  The rush?  Custom built-ins.  Allen designed built in cabinets and book cases that will be lining several walls.  He simply did not have the time nor a place to do such work.  We have a carpenter we have worked with on several other occasions who is hard at work to get them finished.  Which means, the room has to be back together in order to install them.

And then there is school.  We moved school down to the basement last fall in order for Allen to have the school room for an office.  *Sigh*

What else was there to do but set to work.  And I mean everyone.

The boys and I ripped up the tile and trim in the bathroom and treated the mildew on the walls, behind the baseboard and growing on the concrete underneath.

 In the meantime, Kaitlin learned how to lay tile in the closets.
Allen worked on the more skilled things that we couldn't do like replacing the window, cutting things with saws that scare me, laying ceramic tile and plumbing issues.  While, Elisabeth did what she does best... told everyone else what to do.
 Friday night, Allen began laying the ceramic in the bathroom and I directed the laying of the wood.

All the kids helped in some way... hauling trash, hammering boards, opening boxes, fixing meals... it was a true blessing and we had a lot of fun working until 1 am.
 By the time we went to bed, I don't think there was a part of me that didn't ache.  No kidding, I woke up in the middle of the night because my THUMB hurt!  How pathetic is that?

We still had a full schedule to keep with outreach, fair entries to sew and submit and a number of other pressing issues that had to be tended. We only had four hours to work by the time all was said and done on Saturday.

We discovered rather early on that the new flooring was slightly shorter and narrower than the bit of old flooring we were able to save.  Which meant by the time they met up, we had a gap to contend with.  It seemed the only option was to rip up what we had been able to preserve.

Except by that point Saturday night, we were all so delirious, I was able to convince Allen to try to shift the entire old floor to meet the new floor and close the gap.  Having a large family, really paid off here.  We lined them all up to hold the boards that were giving us trouble.

And what do you know?  It worked!

Unfortunately, by Sunday morning, most of the family was suffering from some degree of illness ranging from a sore throat to cough etc...

But we had accomplished much.  Tile was down, window was in and trimmed, almost the entire wood floor was finished, a dress and a costume were sewn, the girls participated in a church outreach, we even managed to do homework and feed the family.

Which just goes to show what you can do when you all work together for a common goal.  What seemed a daunting and discouraging task, became a joyful memory and fun time of family fellowship, when everyone rose to the ocassion and gave it their all.

Even when some of us, had no idea what we were talking about. 

Until next time,

September 29, 2010


A list by Emma Rose

Ten things vacation makes me think of:

  1. Spending time with the family.
  2. The beach.
  3. Fishing
  4. Building sand castles
  5. Microwave popcorn
  6. Digging moats
  7. Shopping in thrift shops.
  8. Picnics
  9. Roller Skating.
  10. Grape juice in little plastic bottles.
Who I Am_________________________________________________________________
I am Emma Rose. Chili Pepper's daughter. I am... born again! 10 years old... home schooled... third oldest of eight (one in heaven)...I love to... make cards... read... write letters... draw... sew... cook... play piano... swim... garden... singing... play with my sisters and brothers... take pictures... climb trees... play dolls... dress up... doll houses... make new friends... the beach... shopping in thrift stores... old things... music... purple... salad... cleaning the sinks...I don't like... snakes... mice... liver... black... crowds... stink bugs...My blog "Praise Him" is a place to collect my writing and drawings.


September 28, 2010

Balancing Act

Hi readers!  Thanks so much for letting me hang out at the Wachter Family Campus while they’re out jetsetting!

This is me as I usually appear - just imagine me waving to y'all!

I was thrilled to be asked to guest-post… I’m still rather a newbie at it and hope I don’t scare any of you away.

Let me just get a confession out of the way: I’m not SuperMom – so I’m feeling a wee bit intimidated in these hallowed bloggy halls ;) but, God has a way of bringing together people to encourage and uplift… and I hope God can use your little “ah-ha” moments to speak to someone else’s need.

My little Ah-Ha moment of the week came as I brushed my teeth alongside my 4-year old.

Here’s a bit TMI about our funny little household. This particular habit has grown out of having a decade of ballet training, but not giving up some of your daily exercises long after your ballet company stint is done…
Just imagine the below ballet exercise:

(All being done while brushing your teeth).

After all, the location is optimal for checking your posture in the mirror, you must keep your body lifted to avoid spilling toothpaste on the floor, and you can’t help but be aware of your limbs as you attempt to maneuver between the sink and bathtub!

Want to know a trick? The ballet company director’s wife was teaching a make-up lesson one day, and asked us to imagine this:


Why on earth would she ask her tiny little dancers to imagine a 14,000 calorie treat?

Because it reset our perspective. Imagine that reward in the distance in front of you, concentrate on it, and suddenly you aren’t thinking so much about not falling over.

And amazingly, your balance begins to naturally shift. The wobbles lessen, the limbs straighten, and you may have to wipe a bit of drool off your chin.

The point being: when we focus on an ultimate reward that may not be right in front of our faces… balancing our lives can become easier.

As I stood at the top of my toes brushing my teeth, I realized that focusing on my ultimate Heavenly citizenship would help take the wobbles out of what I have to juggle today.

Important vs. Unimportant become clearer when our focus changes.

And that, my friends, is what doing toothbrush exercises with a certain little premiere danseur has taught me.

(And yes, he whined until we stopped laughing and!)

Nice to meet you!  I'm Rachel from Once Upon A Miracle.  Come on over to meet the rest of the family!  They include my redneck husband, Mr. Daddy (who strongly insists that his boy ain't never gonna be a ballerina), our little miracle boy Itty Bit, and a sweet rescue mare Kona.   I blog about faith, parenting, my deafness, and all the things in our crazy life that qualify for True Story Tuesdays!  And once in while we get a treat when my husband hijacks our blog with some random hilarity.  Hope to meet you soon!

September 27, 2010

Little Realizations

Last night, Allen and I popped into Sam's club to pick up a prescription and a few other odd things we couldn't live without, like an enormous container of sour cream.  As we were rushing through the drug store and personal care aisles to get to the pharmacy before it closed all of a sudden I caught sight of an enormous box of diapers. 
Which is when I had to stop and catch my breath because I had the realization that this is the first time since 1998 that we didn't have someone wearing diapers.  Or pull ups.  Or nursing. Or someone on the way who will be nursing and wearing diapers.  I am not kidding when I say the thought took my breath away.

When you consider the numbers it sounds quite shocking even to me.  I have been pregnant for almost 7 years of my 38 years.  I nursed babies for at least nine more. 
Not to say we won't ever again.  Only God knows the rest of the story.  But for now it was sobering to realize how quickly life changes.  How a precious time, such as raising young ones, can come with such a bang and slip away so silently.  And never seem like it was  quite long enough.

September 26, 2010

Oh, Autumn! How I Love Thee. Let Me Count the Ways...

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower."
Albert Camus
I know all of you enjoyed Kat's post of the last few months titled, "Oh, Summer! How I Love Thee. Let me Count the Ways." Well...welcome to my favorite season...FALL! Now I don't have months to take pictures and list why I am enthralled with fall(unless Kat wants me to take over her blog for that long), but I can list just a few of the reasons why autumn has captured my heart.

Crisp Days, mother natures vibrant colors, bonfires, open windows, sweaters, soups, gardens bounty, pumpkins, apple cider, apple pies, Thanksgiving. I don't know...fall just is ME! What about you? What is your favorite season? If you like fun quizzes go take this quiz, "What Season Are You?", and see if you get the right answer. Do you want to guess what my answer came out as? You guessed it...Autumn!

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. "
Stanley Horowitz
Kat asked if I would also leave an introduction to myself at the bottom of this post. I went ahead and pulled this description from off the sidebar of my blog, "Life's Unfolding Story".

September 25, 2010


Hello! I am Heather, one of the first readers at Art's Chili Pepper blog. I fell in love with Kat, and her darling family, right from the start. The first blog post I read, "A Funny Thing Happened While I Was Waiting On the Repair Man" drew me in way back in March of 2009. So obviously we are "old bloggy friends".

I asked Kat what she would like me to blog about, and while she gave me free reign, her daughters thought it would be fun to talk about vacationing. So vacation it is!

My pastor husband and I had almost always gone to see family for vacations...until...September 2009!

We had the best time taking our family to Colorado Springs, CO! It is a very family friendly area, with many things to do for free or close to it. I am going to share a few pictures, and details with you here.

The Focus on the Family Headquarters was really fun, free, and the kids were able to record their own Adventures in Odyssey CD...very cool!
The Olympic Training Center also a free visit, includes a tour & inspiring movie.

This is Helen Hunt Falls, a free park, we hoped to get back over here it was so beautiful, and there were a lot of hiking/biking options.
Here is Eli at Glow Golf in the mall, we bought coupons on eBay, our whole family had unlimited golf for only $10.00. This happened to be one of Eli's favorite things!
The Air Force Academy offers a museum, movie, tour, beautiful chapel...all for free...are you seeing a theme yet?
Last but not least, my favorite place, one that I would spend tons of time at if I lived there, the Garden of the Gods park. It is absolutely beautiful! (and free) :)
If you are looking to take a reasonable, fun-filled, family vacation, I highly recommend this area!

I did blog the whole vacation, with many more great spots, so if you get serious about going there come on over and visit me at Beauty for Ashes.

Thank you, Kat, for the opportunity to share here on your sweet blog!

Blessing to you all!

Glacier National Park

Hello Dear Readers!

As most of you would know the normal broadcasting of Art's Chili Peppers blog has been interrupted by vacation. Not to worry...she is still posting, and also has some planned guest post along the way. I was humbled that she ever thought of inviting me to do a couple of guest posts for her, and can only hope that I do justice to what I consider a beautiful blog.

It was suggested that maybe one post be about a memorable vacation, and I very quickly settled on Glacier National Park. I was born and raised in the great state of Montana, but moved away when I got married, 18 years ago. So often when we go on vacations we head back to Montana. It's not every time that we head up to Glacier, but last summer we decided to do a quick trip up there, and I just stood in awe of it's beauty.

I almost feel like when I am there I should just put my camera away, because what camera can really do this place justice?(OK...some cameras can, mine just doesn't happen to be one of those cameras.) We have lived in a handful of places around the country, and our current state is known for growing mostly flat. It moves my heart every time to return to Glacier and stand in the shadow of these majestic mountains.

We make wish lists in our house (sometimes referred to as bucket lists), and I have one wish on that list...visit every National Park. Funny thing is, I don't even know how many National Parks there are out there.
How about you...have you ever been to Glacier? What National Parks have you visited?

Kat asked if I would also leave an introduction to myself at the bottom of this post. I went ahead and pulled this description from off the sidebar of my blog, "Life's Unfolding Story". We will see you again tomorrow, when we revisit Kat's post from this summer titled, "Oh, Summer! how I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways"...with my twist of course.

September 24, 2010


Friday Photo Flashback

Today I am joining Alicia at More Than Words in her Friday Photo Flashback.  It's been a long time since I stopped by, not because I don't LOVE this carnival.  I think it is a blast to go back to the old film days and revisit our younger memories.  Lack of time to blog is definitely the reason for my deficiency in this area.

One bright side to the flood in our basement and the damage to my photographs is that I have to dig through boxes and boxes of memories in our attempt to save and scan a few bits of our family history.  We have had an opportunity to relive many things that were long since buried in the treasure trove of our memories.  This particular photograph, I have been searching for since we moved here in 2001.   The frame had been damaged and I was afraid the photo would become scarred in the move so I tucked it away in a safe place.  I have looked and dug and fretted over it to no avail.

Last weekend it turned up stuck with mildew to some other portraits.  The only picture I own of my precious Italian grandparents, Frank and Carmella Paternoster. 

This was taken just around the time they were married.  Because it was printed on a textured linen type paper, it was difficult to get a good scan.  I will be taking it to a professional to see if they can preserve it by removing the mildew or perhaps somehow get another print.  In the interim, I am happy to have this much of it.

When we talk family, these two were it!  They both came from enormous clans with many brothers and sisters and they took maintaining the family unit very seriously.  A legacy that Allen and I have tried to carry on.

My grandfather died just shortly after my second birthday, so I never had an opportunity to know him as I would like to.  My own memories of him are limited to just one occasion of him playing with my brother, sister and I just a few weeks before his heart attack.  To hear people talk of him, he was just about the greatest guy that ever walked the earth.  Humorous, smart, handy, helpful and always serving others.  A bit like my good husband.

My grandmother loved him with all her heart until the day she died.  I remember visiting with her as a girl.  I would sleep in the other twin bed in her room.  Each night before she went to sleep, she would kneel to pray and then she would reach in the drawer under her stockings and take out a few photographs of him.  She would look through them, sometimes smiling and sometimes with melancholy on her face.  Being young, I didn't understand the depth of those moments.  As a wife and mother who has seen many loved ones come and go, I now understand where my own love of photographs came from.

With my own mother so detached from my life, eventually leaving altogether when I was twelve, my grandmother was the world to me.  I can think of no times I enjoyed more or looked forward to with more eagerness than visiting with my Gram.  It was she who taught me how to be the woman I am today.  By her side, I learned to cook, clean, be a home maker, wash laundry, iron, serve others, act like a lady, volunteer in the community and go through life with the heart of love toward your fellow man.  And that's just the beginning.

When Kaitlin was born, you couldn't find a more adoring great grandmother.  How precious were the weeks she came to stay as I made my way through the uncertain waters of new motherhood.  In my heart I will always treasure the summer of 1993 when she came to stay two weeks with me.  My sister-in-law asked me about a recipe that my grandmother made quite regularly.  Which led to a discussion about preserving those recipes.  I will be always grateful to Anne for thinking ahead on that.  For the duration of her visit, Gram and I spent Kaitlin's nap time at my kitchen table writing down all the recipes Gram made from memory that had been passed down through the generations.

It was the following Spring when the mitral valve in Gram's heart failed.  She went for surgery in which they replaced it with a boar's valve.  Allen and I made the four hour drive to be with her during the surgery.  How precious those moments were with her.  She wasn't supposed to have anyone in her room, but she refused to allow them to sedate her unless I was permitted to stay with her.  I can't remember what we said to each other.  But I do recall the feel of her hand as she held mine and the look in her eye.

How grateful we were that the surgery was successful.  Just a few short months later, when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, I began to wonder if it was such a blessing after all.  She declined quite quickly and became extremely confused.  She would call me once or twice a week, as was our habit, and we would chit chat about family matters, Kaitlin, friends in her circle, the latest party she was catering, all the normal things.  We would talk for an hour or so and then hang up.  An hour or two later the phone would ring again, and we would repeat the entire conversation as if it never happened before.

When she began wandering out at night and started a fire in the kitchen, my father and Aunt made the decision to move her to a nursing home.  I only saw her one time after that.  She was such an amazing person.  She lived to love and serve everyone around her which earned her a place of honour in her community and her family.  There was nothing she was afraid to attempt, even if it wasn't always met with success.  That was the person we wanted her grandchildren to know.

We made the decision not to take our girls to visit her.  We wanted them to see her for who she spent her life being, not what that wretched disease made her.  In the fall of 1998 we drove to New Jersey for a weekend with my Aunt and spent a day at the nursing home with Gram.  It was so hard to see her there.  She knew who I was, sort of.  She thought Kaitlin was me.  She confused Allen for my father.  Much of the time she stared into space as if no one was there at all.      
Odd as this may seem, one of the worst things to me was when they brought her dinner.  This women who had been known for her cooking and spent her life preparing feasts for everyone around her sat at a table by herself.  In front of her they placed a white hamburger roll with a frozen breaded fish filet in between.  I could barely swallow the tears in my throat as I stood there thinking that was such a sad irony. 
When she died, although, I knew she was incredible, I was still taken by all the people who came to pay their respects and all the beautiful things they had to share.  We laughed at the number of people, several of the speakers even, who commented on her delicious cheese balls and lemon lush.  

On December 5, 2003 we buried her, as a blizzard started to lay snow over the east coast.  It was a beautiful moment.  There was nothing Gram loved more than a good snow storm.

September 23, 2010

And we know...

Forever In Blue Jeans

I am joining Carin at Forever in Blue Jeans for her weekly challenge to get mom in the picture.  If you've not been in the picture this week, it's not too late!  Here's my four step plan to recovery.  1-Grab the camera 2- grab a kid 3- take a shot 4-post it!  You can't ask for easier than that.  I can't wait to see you in the picture!

Each of my kids have a little memory box which contains special things from my pregnancy and their birth.  Their sonogram pictures, their little hospital hat, cards and letters, their hospital band... you get the idea.  About a month ago, Nathaniel was digging through his.  Aedan came to me and asked why he didn't have one.  The answer was, you do.  I just don't know where it is.  All the others were stored on the closet shelf in their nursery.  However, when Aedan was born we didn't have a room for him yet, so he slept in the pack-n-play in our bedroom for six months or so.  I knew I put that box somewhere that seemed safe and logical at the time but try as I might, I couldn't put my finger on it.

Until we discovered my flooded pictures in the basement.  There it was.  Amazingly enough, among all that mold and mildew, his memory box was virtually unscathed.  He was delighted when I brought it to show him.  We spent a few minutes digging through the letters and cards and laughing at the little notes the older children made for their new baby brother. 

 Which just goes to show, God uses everything, even a flood and ruined photographs, for good.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."  Romans 8:28

Until next week,

September 22, 2010

Answers And A Time Out

Hello, everyone! Before I are the answers from yesterday's picnic quiz:

Answers: 1-b, 2-a, 3-a, 4-e, 5-c, 6-c, 7-d, 8-d, 9-c, 10-a, 11-d, 12-b, 13-c, 14-d, 15-c

Today is the last day for my guest posting and I have to say, I have had a BLAST! Thank you so much, Kat for giving me the opportunity to share some of my thoughts with's been great!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Blessed be the LORD, because he hath heard the voice of my supplications. The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped."
Psalms 28:6-7

Do you wake up in the morning wishing you could just have a few hours or an entire day to yourself? (I know I do!) Imagine the possibilities with that amount of unscheduled time - you could read a book, soak in the tub, actually fold the clean clothes on the couch and put them away, polish your toes, weed the flower bed, window shop, take a friend you haven't seen in months to lunch, or spend a full hour with the Lord in prayer for your loved ones.

Every mother treasures moments for herself when they come, but the problem is that they rarely come on their own. If we want to stay emotionally and spiritually healthy, then we must make taking time for these moments a number one priority. Without them, we shrivel up and die within and each day can become one repetitious day after the next. The Lord Jesus Christ needed timeouts to get through His day (Luke 5:16). Often, He left the disciples and the crowds to be alone and find strength from His Heavenly Father. A wise mom will say no to the false guilt she feels for "stealing" a few hours for herself and learn from Christ's example. Besides, your children will enjoy their contented, happy mom.

Is today your day to rejuvenate and find yourself again? Don't wait for the help to fall from the sky, humble yourself and ask for it. Maybe you can call a close friend or neighbor and ask her if you can trade watching each other's children every other week. Maybe your parents or grandparents have promised to teach your children a new skill and today's the day to call in that promise. If you're homeschooling, maybe you could ask your husband to use half a vacation day and teach the children (don't worry; they'll still learn even if he doesn't teach them the same way as you!) God knows you can't do it all on your own. Trust Him for the right answer to help you take a "TIME OUT" for mom!

Here are a few ways you can allow yourself some private time each day, even if it is only a half hour:

  • Take a long walk
  • Buy a bouquet of flowers for yourself
  • Begin to develop an intimate circle of friends and family
  • Turn off the phone, and allow your answering machine to pick up your calls (having a hard time with this one!) lol
  • Put on your favorite music, turn it up loud, and dance
  • Call your best friend, and settle in with a hot cup of tea, for a good long talk (this is such an EASY one)
  • Snuggle up in bed with a good book (oh, I am so thinking about that right now!) lol
  • Sink into your tub for a long, luxurious soak at the end of the day
  • Indulge in getting (or giving) a massage
  • Snack on your favorite "comfort food" (YES! Time to make some taco soup, Hope!)
  • Remember how you felt when you fell in love with your partner, and allow yourself to recreate that feeling (we try to every day. . . . .I LOVE MY SKIPPY MAN!)
  • Write a love letter (to your partner, children, parents, friends...)
  • Treat yourself to a manicure and a pedicure
  • Rent a great video
  • Start a gratitude journal, and express your thanks on a daily basis (great idea)
  • Go to the beach. Delight and bask in the warming rays of the sun (can I do this without the sand?) lol
  • Visit your favorite bookstore (you know, the one with comfortable chairs and a coffee shop) and spend the afternoon
Whether you choose something from this list or have some ideas of your own, I hope you are able to find time each day for some quiet time for yourself...........YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!

Father, Take my tired spirit and provide the moments I need to be filled with Your strength. Please send someone during the day that will help support me in whatever way I need. In Jesus' name, Amen.

My goal in life is to passionately love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to have that love for Him shine through in all I do. Come on over and visit me at Goose Hill Farm, Coffee with God, or Goose Hill Academy when you have a chance. If you happen to find anything good, it is not of my doing, but of Christ's. I am a sinner, Fully Relying On God's Grace In Everything!

So come on over, pull up a chair, and stay awhile.............The coffee's on!

List of "time out" suggestions for mom is courtesy of iVillage