September 28, 2010

Balancing Act

Hi readers!  Thanks so much for letting me hang out at the Wachter Family Campus while they’re out jetsetting!

This is me as I usually appear - just imagine me waving to y'all!

I was thrilled to be asked to guest-post… I’m still rather a newbie at it and hope I don’t scare any of you away.

Let me just get a confession out of the way: I’m not SuperMom – so I’m feeling a wee bit intimidated in these hallowed bloggy halls ;) but, God has a way of bringing together people to encourage and uplift… and I hope God can use your little “ah-ha” moments to speak to someone else’s need.

My little Ah-Ha moment of the week came as I brushed my teeth alongside my 4-year old.

Here’s a bit TMI about our funny little household. This particular habit has grown out of having a decade of ballet training, but not giving up some of your daily exercises long after your ballet company stint is done…
Just imagine the below ballet exercise:

(All being done while brushing your teeth).

After all, the location is optimal for checking your posture in the mirror, you must keep your body lifted to avoid spilling toothpaste on the floor, and you can’t help but be aware of your limbs as you attempt to maneuver between the sink and bathtub!

Want to know a trick? The ballet company director’s wife was teaching a make-up lesson one day, and asked us to imagine this:


Why on earth would she ask her tiny little dancers to imagine a 14,000 calorie treat?

Because it reset our perspective. Imagine that reward in the distance in front of you, concentrate on it, and suddenly you aren’t thinking so much about not falling over.

And amazingly, your balance begins to naturally shift. The wobbles lessen, the limbs straighten, and you may have to wipe a bit of drool off your chin.

The point being: when we focus on an ultimate reward that may not be right in front of our faces… balancing our lives can become easier.

As I stood at the top of my toes brushing my teeth, I realized that focusing on my ultimate Heavenly citizenship would help take the wobbles out of what I have to juggle today.

Important vs. Unimportant become clearer when our focus changes.

And that, my friends, is what doing toothbrush exercises with a certain little premiere danseur has taught me.

(And yes, he whined until we stopped laughing and!)

Nice to meet you!  I'm Rachel from Once Upon A Miracle.  Come on over to meet the rest of the family!  They include my redneck husband, Mr. Daddy (who strongly insists that his boy ain't never gonna be a ballerina), our little miracle boy Itty Bit, and a sweet rescue mare Kona.   I blog about faith, parenting, my deafness, and all the things in our crazy life that qualify for True Story Tuesdays!  And once in while we get a treat when my husband hijacks our blog with some random hilarity.  Hope to meet you soon!


  1. i love your ballet analogy and how funny
    you are. you sort of remind me of jodie
    at "velour"

    i think messages hit home better with a
    little humor.


  2. Love it! What a great reminder. Tell Mr. Daddy not to worry. We dressed up my brother in tutus all the time, and he's almost normal.

  3. I love the picture of Itty Bit in a tutu :)

    I have to say Rachel it's nice to see I'm not the only one to work on balance while brushing my teeth! LOL drive's my husband nuts!

  4. Hey... just stopping by to be supportive... cause I am nice like that!! LOL

  5. Hey... just stopping by to be supportive... cause I am nice like that!! LOL

  6. I adored this post Rach

    I am liking this new blog very much too

  7. Great guest post Rachel. However, I'm thinking I need some visual representation of you brushing your teeth while standing on your toes. Pictures please. *grin*

  8. Being the great anti-ballerina, I stand flat footed to brush. {*grin*}

    And success is measured not by standing up, but by falling repeatedly and then getting up.

  9. Soooo... Other than Itty Bit, your family seems to consist of you, your husband,and your horse. Who did you borrow the tutu from?

  10. What a great post. Pics are great.