September 10, 2010

If You Only Knew!

In a comment on my post Only A Dad  one reader said, "It looks like she's saying, 'That's not going on the blog, is it?"  I put together a bunch of posts at one time and then schedule them to post over time.  I sometimes forget what the post was.  So when I saw this in my inbox, I had to click over and check out the expression she was referring to.  Then I started laughing.  First a chuckle.  Then a full laugh out loud.  Which lasted about ten minutes.  I haven't laughed that much since the beginning of July.  Thanks.  I REALLY NEEDED THAT!

Although, if anyone is wondering, if you happen to have had a very busy day and you happen to check your email at midnight while you are brushing your teeth, and someone happens to say something that tickles your funny bone, it could be a little... unladylike.

As I moved on to flossing, I had to grab Allen and make him read it.  Which made him laugh out loud.  Which, brought the girls running to see what was so amusing.

And then they were laughing out loud.  So there we were all laughing out loud and feeling better than we have in a long time.

I bet you can't imagine why we would find that so very humorous.  So, here's the thing.  If we have heard that phrase once in this house, we've heard it a million times.  Everyone wants to know, "Is that picture going on the blog?"

Along with, "Did I really just say that?  You won't put it on your blog, will you?  Please, please, please don't put that on your blog."

And there is the blackmail side... "If you do that, it might end up on the blog!"

And the, "Did you happen to read the blog today?"  To which someone might nervously respond, "NO!  WHAT DID IT SAY?"

When I took up scrap booking life began to be viewed as a scrap book spread.  That was all right, though.  It just translated to the family taking more pictures and often photos of things we would not necessarily have photographed before.  That was okay, though.  After all, who looked at the family album?  The family.  And we already know our own quirks and oddities so who cares?

But this blog business is a whole different story.  Now all the bizarre habits of our little clan have the potential to be posted for the whole world to see.  And that has it's advantages.  Sometimes, someone, might actually pause and think twice before doing something, saying something, or coming to the dinner table before freshening up.

Yes, blogging has changed our whole way of life, and even the baby knows it.


  1. laughter is the best medicine!
    It isn't my kids that worry about what goes on the blog.. it's my sis-in-laws. All 3 of us have occasionally at family gatherings the comment is made.. "uh-oh.. that is NOT to go on ANYONES blog" :)

  2. I think the same way... all the time... I'm always on the lookout for my next blog :)

  3. I really agree, Kat. I don't do photos of people, simply because of the family's privacy policy. Otherwise, my biggest label would be named "pictures". :)


  4. Such a fun post to read, and so true!!!

  5. LOL! My family says those same things! :> )

  6. dear Laughing at midnight,

    My little sis and i call that "getting the Jollies". As teenagers when it all started it always seemed to hit at a quarter to midnight. Somehow at that time of night hilarity just comes easier, and at least it feels better than crying!

    Laughter is an instant Vacation