September 11, 2010

Nathaniel and Aedan First Grade Curriculum 2009-2010

A number of ladies asked me for a specific listing of the curriculum plan that I used for the children.  I had hoped to get it up in June to be a help to those who were planning for this fall but God had other ideas.  Sorry ladies.

Don't take it personal.  I am behind on many things.  I found my father in law's birthday card standing between the canisters on my kitchen counter this morning.  His birthday was July 29th.  I remembered that the reason I put it there was because it needed a stamp.  Which also happened to be there between the canisters.

Before you think it is because my kitchen counters are so disorganized or messy that I can't see a card sitting right there in plain sight with a book of stamps, don't be fooled.  You will rarely find anything out of place in my kitchen.  It's just that my mind is a different story lately.  ☺

Anyway, there will be a number of posts forthcoming highlighting the children's curriculum from last year and the plan for the upcoming school year.  I hope it is not too late to be of some use to someone out there!

To save time, I will be copying this explanation into all of them so someone doesn't come across an odd post listing text books and wonder why someone would post something so very boring.  So if you happen to read it again in a few hours or days, don't wonder why it sound familiar.  And don't wonder that I am losing my mind.  It is still hanging on by a thread or two!

Also, for those who sent specific questions that you never got answers for... they will be coming.  If you have a question that you are just burning to get an answer for leave it in my comments or email me with the button on my side bar.  I shall endeavor to be a little more timely with my replies.

Thanks for your patience!

Because of his speech issues, we held Nathaniel over for a year before starting Kindergarten.  Since he and Aedan are just 15 months apart that put them in the same grade.  Which is really fun, teaching them together, watching them encourage each other, seeing them challenge each other and even explain the lessons to each other.  

*Abeka Flash-A-Card
  • The First Christmas
  • The Life of Moses 3  
  • Ester
*How Great Thou Art-Art and the Bible For Children
*Resurrection Eggs
*The Bible
  • Genesis
  • Exodus
  • Proverbs

Language Arts
*Rod and Staff Bible and Nuture Reading Program Grade 1
  • Readers Unit 1-5
  • Reading Work books Unit 1-5
  • Reading Worksheets Unit 1-5
  • Phonics Workbook Unit 1-5
  • Printing Practice Unit 1
  • Word Cards 
  • Phrase Cards


History/Geography/Social Studies
*Abeka: My America, My World Grade 1
*Abeka: Community Helpers

*Creation Science Evangelism
  • Physical Science
  • Earth and Space 
  • Biology
  • Dinosaurs and the Bible
*Abeka-Discovering God's World 1
*Big Back Yard
*Kids Discover the Heart
*Abeka-Health and Safety Visuals
*Jonathan Park-Volumes 1-6
*Backyard Bugs
*The Magic School Bus Series videos and books
  • Taking flight
  • Out of this world
  • Gets Lost in Space
  • Plays Ball 
  • Gets Dried Up
  • Inside A Beehive
  • Plants Seeds
  • Inside the Earth
  • Lost in the Solar System
*The Mysterious Islands


*How Great Thou Art-I Can Do All Things
*Rod and Staff -Art Pac 400

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  1. Thanks for posting this. It's nice to see what other families are doing and how we improve on our own ideas.