September 26, 2010

Oh, Autumn! How I Love Thee. Let Me Count the Ways...

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower."
Albert Camus
I know all of you enjoyed Kat's post of the last few months titled, "Oh, Summer! How I Love Thee. Let me Count the Ways." Well...welcome to my favorite season...FALL! Now I don't have months to take pictures and list why I am enthralled with fall(unless Kat wants me to take over her blog for that long), but I can list just a few of the reasons why autumn has captured my heart.

Crisp Days, mother natures vibrant colors, bonfires, open windows, sweaters, soups, gardens bounty, pumpkins, apple cider, apple pies, Thanksgiving. I don't know...fall just is ME! What about you? What is your favorite season? If you like fun quizzes go take this quiz, "What Season Are You?", and see if you get the right answer. Do you want to guess what my answer came out as? You guessed it...Autumn!

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. "
Stanley Horowitz
Kat asked if I would also leave an introduction to myself at the bottom of this post. I went ahead and pulled this description from off the sidebar of my blog, "Life's Unfolding Story".


  1. I love Autumn as well.

    The colors.
    The smell.
    The cool air.

    Beautiful post.

  2. I would say that spring is my favorite, with summer being a close second. So, I took the quiz to see which one it decided...funny, it said winter! Definitely my least favorite season. I loved your post! My sis is an autumn lover and for all the same reasons as you. :)

  3. Darcie,

    Without taking the quiz I know I would fall into the autumn category. Just all the things that go along with the fall make this my most favorite time of the year. Thanks for guest posting at Kat's blog.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. What a nice suprise to see you here Darcie! I love fall as well...too bad AZ doesn't have that season! boo hoo

  5. dear Friend of Fall,

    Not surprising i landed in the "fall~catagory" as well!

    We are having a slow mild showing of fall so far, and i am good with that! It will speed along soon enough. Everything still green, flowers still blooming out my door...and a 'harvest moon' about every night.

    I really enjoy things about every season, but the 3 months i call Winter: Dec. Jan. and Feb. are my least fav.

    The other 9 make those 3 bearable

  6. Hi, Darcie~

    It's nice to meet you! Autumn is my absolute FAVORITE time of year. Everything about it is AMAZING! The colors, the scents, the crisp air.....BEAUTIFUL!


  7. Dear Darcie - I just posted a similar list on my blog and then went blog reading. :) Nice to know we share this love, but then, what's not to love?

  8. I took the test - and passed (LOL) - I would have felt like I had failed if I was anything but Fall - I LOVE IT! The crispness, the sounds, the colors - pear candles, pumpkins, apple cider, blankets, my chiminea - my VERY Fav children's book (or one of them) is "When Will the Snow Trees Grow" - and it describes Fall perfectly!!

    I also loved the poem. She is a very talented, insightful writer using God's gifts perfectly!

  9. I'm a summer! I took the test and passed with flying colors. lol

    I have to say, though, that my next favorite season is autumn for all of the same reasons you listed. It's just a cozy time of year.

    Happy Autumn!