September 6, 2010

Only a Dad

Sunday morning we overslept... by an hour and a half.  Yikes!  Everyone was running around trying to gather shoes and ties while I was putting my makeup on.  Allen took Elisabeth down stairs to play while he shaved in the only bathroom that wasn't wall to wall people.  Since she was there, Ellie figured she might as well take care of business.  With all her Sunday fluff on, she needed a little help.  Pa was in too  much of a hurry to stand there holding her petticoat and dress.  It just so happens that he had been doing a repair job on the cupboard Saturday afternoon and had a clamp handy.  Yes, only a father would come up with this solution for the little Princess's problem... and then take a picture to boot!


  1. Dads can be very cleaver... lol

  2. Haha! How cute! My dad usually ties it up over my little sis' shoulder, and has her hold it there. But she doesn't complain. Nope.


  3. Oh, I love it! So cute! Dad's can be so smart. :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  4. (teehee) i can't stop laughing! The things Daddy's come up with some times! :)

  5. Very ingenious. You're right...only a dad!

  6. ROFL!!! That is tooo cute!!

    Leave it to a man to think of something like that!! LOL!

    We'd probably use a hair clip! ;-)

  7. Think smarter not harder right? Too funny! Amy

  8. dear Grabbing what works,

    i have been hoping for a little window of time to get caught up over here....i have missed this!!

    What i am noticing most is THE dress itself! Darling!! (what shows anyway)

    a big fan of tiny blue checks