October 20, 2010

Are You Wondering?

 What could they
possibly be doing 
with all those
 (Yes, I thought Sam might pass out!)
beach balls
when today is
the first day
of the brand new
 wood burning

Yes, I do look forward to the wood stove season as most people anticipate Christmas,  vacation or their birthday.  If it can't always be summer, at least we have a fire to delight us until spring.  

Oh, and the beach balls?  They go in the pool to keep the cover afloat through winter rain and snow.


  1. Oh my gosh! That is such a good idea...I wish I'd thought of doing that when we had our pool...it would have saved us a lot of work come spring.

  2. How awesome! A wood fire. *sigh* we used to be able to do that at a house we rented, but one year, when we got there, the owners had changed over to a gas fire. Sad.


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  4. Those are great pictures of the kids blowing up beach balls! I love wood burning season! I wish we had a fire place! Enjoy!

  5. The wood stove is one of my absolute favorite things about fall! Can't wait till we can do school down there again!

    Love ya,