October 13, 2010

Budding Friendships

While our children are very friendly, they don't have many people that we would call "friends" in the sense that most kids would name their "friends." (And that is an entire blog post in itself... so don't get me started) However, there are certainly some little folks that my youngers look forward to seeing every Sunday when we go to worship.  They often mention so and so and what's happening in the lives of their little buddies.  I think it is so adorable to watch them all together and even more so to listen to their conversations.

One Sunday, Aedan and Nathaniel were chit chatting with these fellows about their hero, Jonathan Park.  I grabbed my camera and had to snap a shot.  They all sounded so grown up. 
On the other hand, Elisabeth and her friends were a bit more spiritual, discussing their pink Bibles.   Our Pastor, the one who I recently mentioned passed away, always gave an inscribed pink Bible to all the little girls.  (The boys weren't left out, they got little blue Bibles.)   This particular Sunday morning, Ella and Elisabeth realized theirs matched.  They aren't always so spiritually minded.  They also discuss the finer points of their dresses, hair bling and shoes.

These two little girls crack me up.  Since they could talk, they have carried on conversations with each other.  Often none of us have any idea what they are saying, but they do, for sure.  They will just sit and talk and talk.  Which is definitely NOT Elisabeth's personality any other time. 
So, while we don't necessarily encourage many friendships outside of the family, I look forward to watching these ones grow and develop as our youngin's grow up, too.


  1. Growing up, I used the word 'friend' quite loosely and thought quantity of friends was worth something. I'm glad I realize now it's the quality of your friends, not quantity that matters.
    Sweet pictures.

  2. How true, Heather! I learned that lesson as well. I now have a WONDERFUL friend who is such a blessing to me.

    Quality not quantity is most important!


  3. These guys (and girls) are so sweet together...can't wait to see how their friendships grow in the future!

    Love ya,