October 30, 2010

Chinese Food

I love Chinese food.  Actually, there is not much food I don't like.  As long as it isn't processed and full of chemicals... which I don't really consider food, anyway.  But who cares, right?

The point is, I love Chinese food.  As does my whole family.  There are two places we like to pick up from.  One being a local joint that has been around as long as I remember.  But when we don't feel like waiting for our order, believe or not, my favorite it Panda Express.  Which is odd, since I don't typically go for chain restaurants.  I don't know if they are all as good as our local store since I have never been to another but they sure do a great job here.  The family's favorite dish is the orange chicken.  Which is the only thing Elisabeth will eat.

Something I don't love are chopsticks.  I am not coordinated to make them work for me and I would starve to death if I lived in China.  My kids, however, love to show off their skills with the wooden tools.

Last week, after a day of volunteering, I was too beat to cook dinner.  Someone asked if we could get Chinese.  Since we had money set aside just to spend in Allen's absence and since the kids deserved a reward for working so hard, I picked up a couple of dishes and we ate in front of a video by the fire.

Elisabeth hates to be shown up by the big kids.  She insisted on eating her dinner with chopsticks, too.
Alas, it appears as if she got her chop stick skills from me.  Not to be daunted.  She figured out a way to make it work for her.
 Atta a girl!  Do you think I could look so adorable trying to pull this one off?


  1. that's great! I used to do it like that, but my amazing daddy showed me how to do it. :) otherwise, i would have stuck to the Elisabeth route.


  2. Cute... we love Chinese food here too.