October 25, 2010

Glorified Belly Buttons?

Sometimes no matter how clear an object lesson seems, your audience just can't quite focus on it.

In our family Bible lesson Allen was trying to teach, through the life of Paul, the principle the Bible tells us of being content with food and clothes. He asked the children what did they have when they came into the world. It took about ten seconds for Nathaniel to shout, "A belly button!"

I am beginning to think that they have some preoccupation with belly buttons. A few weeks ago during our Bible lesson we were talking about who you would most want to meet when you get to Heaven. Aedan Said he wanted to meet Adam and Eve. I asked him why. He said that he wanted to find out if they had belly buttons since they were created instead of born.

Later, in today's lesson, Allen asked the kids what would they take with them when they die. Someone said they would take their belly button. Which led down one of those trails in which a big girl said you won't take your belly button because only your soul goes to heaven. Aedan said that we will get glorified bodies. The conversation ended when someone asserted that we will therefor have glorified belly buttons.

What about you girls? Are you just dying to see that glorified belly button?

Allen then tried to direct the conversation somewhere else. He asked each child to bring their favorite possession to the table.

Can you guess what Ellie brought?

In an effort to get them to see that it isn't always as easy as we think to give up everything for the Lord, we discussed some modern day Christians who have been stripped of everything and persecuted for their faith. Then he asked each child in turn about parting with their favorite possession. When he came to Elisabeth he asked if she would give her boots away to a particular little girl we know who is the same age.

My little spiritual diva was very clear with her answer, "No! I want to wear my pink boots."

You win some. You lose some, eh?